Mom Gives Birth at a Hospital Car Park During a Freezing Night

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Those moms who have already given birth say that the experience is both a fulfilling yet painful one. However, for a mom in Canberra, Australia, giving birth came with an additional surprise.

Last Thursday, while Canberra was experiencing a freezing night of 5 degrees Celcius (41 degrees Fahrenheit), Samantha Noordhuis gave birth at the hospital car park in Canberra Hospital.

Samantha shared in an interview with ABC Radio Canberra, "He just came out super duper fast."

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The journey to the hospital

Samantha started to feel contractions at around three in the morning. She decided to leave their home with her husband at about five in the morning. 

According to her husband, Ben Haywood, they think that the decision to leave at that time was a little late. He said, "We left later than we should have, probably by about 45 minutes at least."

On their way to the hospital, Samantha already felt that she was close to giving birth, but they were still able to reach the hospital car park.

Ben, on the other hand, gave a call to a midwife while driving to the hospital. This midwife was very helpful to the couple when they arrived.

Giving birth at the hospital car park 

When Samantha and Ben arrived at the hospital car park, the mom was already feeling too hot and sweaty because of the contractions' pain. Because it was freezing outside, Samantha felt that it was the perfect temperature for her to step out.

Samantha said, "I swung my legs out of the car and dropped to the ground, and then bub decided to arrive."

According to the couple, everything happened in a swift. Ben said he thinks everything was over in just a matter of ten minutes. The mom describes her experience of giving birth as surreal. She said, "I was just glad it was so fast and that it was over and done within a flash."

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The baby's condition

The baby is a boy and was named Brayden. He weighs 3.31 kilograms, and is healthy, according to his parents. 

His mom said that he eats and sleeps well. Although Brayden's sleeping pattern is not yet fixed, so they are working on that.

Baby Brayden is spending a lot of time with his siblings, Jackson, four years old, and Liam, who is now two years old.

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The surprise does not stop

After giving birth at the hospital car park, Samantha and Baby Brayden were brought to the hospital building. The hospital staff did not immediately discharge them.

While the family was waiting there, Ben decided to propose to his wife.

Samantha was stunned by the sudden proposal, "It was the biggest shock of my life," she said.

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