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Silky, Crunchy And Scrunchy Moms: What Type Of Mother Are You?

Moms  3 May '17

Silky, Crunchy And Scrunchy Moms: What Type Of Mother Are You?

There are different types of moms: the silky, or the modern moms, the crunchy, or the natural-loving moms, and scrunchy, a hybrid of both silky and crunchy.

Babies' Inhalation After Horrible House Fire

Health/Nutrition  15 December '16

Newborn Baby Boy In Smoke Inhalation After A Horrible House Fire Incident

It was very upsetting for a mother when she had to rush her baby to a hospital right after her daughter's hand-made Christmas decoration caught flames.

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Postpartum  2 December '16

Why Skin Contact Between Babies And Mothers Is Useful In Breastfeeding

The baby is most active in the first hour of birth, scientists suggest the golden hour helps in breastfeeding.

15th Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks Commemorated At World Trade Center Memorial Site

Family Life  30 November '16

How Can Friends Stay Friends Even When One Of Them Becomes A Mommy?

Planning is important in keeping old friendships strong like always.

E Cigarettes Become Popular Alternative

Health/Nutrition  30 November '16

Health Department Keen On Helping Parents With Smoking Problems

The Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program is helping mothers, not just to give up smoking but also to give their kids a better life.

Nine Dead After Church Shooting In Charleston

Infant  28 November '16

This Is The Most Challenging Job On The Planet, Click Here For More Details

Parenting has to be the toughest job on this planet. However, things start settling down after a bit. All one needs is some resilience and courage.

Funeral Held For Baton Rouge Police Shooting Victim Alton Sterling

Development  25 November '16

Parenting Facts: How To Deal With Rejection For Being A Dad

Children tend to associate moms with safety and security and are able to vocalise this preference as toddlers.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Pregnancy  21 November '16

Planned Pregnancies Can Help Epileptic Women To Have Healthy Babies

While the majority of women with epilepsy can and do become pregnant, they may have certain risks that women without epilepsy don't have.

People Are Freaking Out Over Mom Closing Living Room

Family Life  10 November '16

Mom Uses Humor To Discipline Kids To Clean Up, Closes Room Until Thanksgiving [PHOTO]

Mom teaches kids to clean their mess in a hilarious way.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Pregnancy  9 November '16

Pregnant Mother Was Diagnosed With Ectopic Pregnancy But Was Still Able To Give Birth; Find Out How

Ectopic pregnancy was this mother's case, but was still able to give birth to a living baby.

Heterotopic Pregnancy

Postpartum  5 November '16

Miracle or Science? Mom Discovered Another Growing Baby Following An Ectopic Pregnancy

A rare case of heterotopic pregnancy was discovered weeks after Sadie Brittle underwent a surgery to remove her ectopic pregnancy due to massive internal bleeding.


Growing Baby  3 November '16

Mom Pleas Help For Daughter’s Alleged Pregnancy – Claims Carrying The Holy Son In Her Stomach

Kristi begs help for her daughter, Haley, who claims that she’s pregnant and the baby inside her stomach is Jesus Christ.

The Maxim Party With Johnnie Walker, Timex, Dodge, Hugo Boss, Dos Equis, Buffalo Jeans, Tabasco, And Pop Chips - Inside

Dads  2 November '16

'Mom' Season 4 Books Chris Pratt As Real-Life Wife Anna Faris' New Boyfriend - When Will 'Jurassic World' Star Appear?

It has been the actress long-time dream to have her husband guest star in her comedy series and it's finally happening in the fourth season!

Baby Buns' Journey

Pregnancy  22 October '16

Miscarried Baby Girl Survives for Two Hours, Couple says, More than Enough

A miscarried baby girl managed to live in the arms of her mother for two hours, and that is more than enough for the young couple, especially for mom Alyssa Young.

2015 Glamour Women Of The Year Awards - Arrivals

null  18 October '16

Is Victoria Beckham Expecting Her 5th Baby At 42? Her Current Diet Says It All

Know the truth behind Victoria Beckham's diet and if it has anything to do with her having a new baby.

Mom with Amniotic Fluid Embolism

Pregnancy  18 October '16

A Mom Made An Ultimate Choice To Save Her Son’s Life – Know Their Story

A mom made an ultimate choice of sacrificing her life to save his son’s.

 Mothers Of Sons Killed In Police Shootings Attend SC Forum Supporting Clinton

Family Life  17 August '16

Son of Chicago Cop Visiting From College Was Shot To Death Before He Could Surprise His Sick Mom

New York college student Arshell Dennis flew to Chicago to surprise his sick mom, but was shot to death while talking to a friend on Saturday night.

Two Killed And At Least 15 Wounded At Night Club Shooting In Ft. Myers, FL

Family ♥ Story  26 July '16

Shooting in Florida Nightclub: Mom Of Killed Teen Prepared Her Son For Possible Gun Crime

The mother of one of the killed teenagers in the recent Florida nightclub shooting warned her son and advised him to know the exit doors, duck in the floor and hide under a table. Unfortunately, her son was shot in the parking lot.

New York City Hosts First Annual Disability Pride Parade

Development  22 June '16

Mom Wins Fight Over School To Keep Her Son With Down Syndrome

Ruth Christodoulou has won over Peak Crossing State School who she claims pushed her to move her son with Down syndrome to a special school. The Department of Education said that the school should apply for funding to keep the son with disability.

Berliners Hold Evening Vigil For Orlando Massacre Victims

Family Life  22 June '16

Mom Of 11 Partied With Gay Son And Died In Orlando Shooting

Brenda Lee Marquez McCool saved her son from the gunshot of Omar Matteen and was killed after. Her 11 children and fellow Orlando residents mourned her death.

Parenting Counts: Every Baby Communicates In Unique Ways

Family ♥ Story  24 May '16

This Baby Has A Unique Way To Communicate With Her Parents

Every baby has their own way to communicate without even speaking a word.

Parenting Counts: Show Your Child That You Value Her Feelings.

Family ♥ Story  20 May '16

[VIDEO] Consider Your Child's Feelings

Parent should always find time to be with their children.

First bath with daddy

Family ♥ Story  19 May '16

[VIDEO] Wow ! Sweet Dad Bathes Baby For The First Time

In most instances, moms are the ones who bathe their babies. Babies are fragile, they need utmost care and some dads can't keep with it.

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