Newborn Baby in Minnesota Tested Positive for Coronavirus [He Is Only 25 Days Old]

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When the coronavirus pandemic struck the world, Jenni Gibbens was pregnant with her second child, Harrison. She gave birth during the riots. Also, her entire family tested positive for the coronavirus.

Even Gibben's newborn baby tested positive and was rushed to the hospital last July. Jenni's newborn baby was only 25 days old during that time - making him one of the youngest coronavirus-positive in Minnesota.

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The family's battle against the coronavirus

After giving birth to her second child during the riots, Jenni and her family only wanted peace. She said in an interview with KSTP, "We just wanted things to be calm."

However, her entire family tested positive for the coronavirus. 

The first among the members of the family to show symptoms was Jenni's husband. It was early in July when the dad lost his taste and sense of smell. Soon after, he experienced high fevers.

Jenni was very vigilant with their children. She wanted to make sure that they will not catch the virus.

She was hoping that the kids will test negative for the coronavirus. 

Then, one day, after nursing her baby, she felt that Harrison was hot. When she checked the newborn baby's temperature, it was at 100.4 degrees. The mom knew that it was already a fever, so she decided to call the nurse's line. The nurse immediately advised that the newborn baby be brought to the hospital.

The 25-day-old baby tested positive and was hospitalized for three days.

The older child of Jenni, who is four years old, also tested positive but was asymptomatic.

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Newborn baby's battle against the coronavirus

Harrison was rushed to the Children's Hospital in Minnesota. During his stay, his oxygen levels and heart function were strictly monitored. 

Considering that the newborn baby was only 25 days old, it was a harrowing experience for Jenni. She said, "Any time when it's your child, it's just heartbreaking."

Luckily, Harrison's symptoms did not reach any critical point. Jenni pointed out that they are very thankful that they received such care from the hospital.

After three days at the hospital, Harrison was released and sent home. Gibbens said, "At 27 days old, he is officially taking the title of a COVID survivor, which seems unreal."

Jenni shares that their family has been extra careful at home to avoid the virus. That is why this pandemic continues to scare her.

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Coronavirus among children in Minnesota

According to the senior director of infection control at Children's Minnesota, Patsy Stinchfield, around 72 kids have been admitted to the hospital.

Out of the 72 children, ten kids were put on ventilators.

So far, the youngest patient at Children's Minnesota is a newborn baby that is only two weeks old.

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