Indiana Woman Confessed to Abusing a Baby, Held into Police Custody

Police reports disclose that an Indiana woman admitted to abusing her friend's baby. The 20-year-old Indiana woman identified as Amber Nicole Vannatter confessed that she burned her friend's baby girl with a lighter and held the infant against a running treadmill. 

The baby was brought to the hospital and was released after being treated. 

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The police investigation

According to a report from Fox 59, the investigation on the child abuse case started on August 14. 

The police received a call last Friday from the Vall Memorial Hospital about a possible child abuse case. 

Authorities questioned Vannatter, who was the prime suspect. The mother of the baby was also interviewed. 

Indiana Woman Confessed to Abusing a Baby, Held into Police Custody
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Indiana Woman Confessed to Abusing a Baby, Held into Police Custody

The mother's account

During the initial investigation, the mother of the baby told the police that the 20-year-old Indiana woman, Vannatter, was taking care of the baby at that time. She added she was at work when that happened. 

The mom also mentioned that it was Vannatter who brought her baby to her workplace. 

The baby was bleeding from the mouth when the mom saw her daughter. There were also multiple abrasions on the child's face, torso, and legs. 

According to police reports, the child also has a broken wrist. She also has burns surrounding her injuries. 

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The Indiana woman's confession

When the police heard the mother's account of what happened, authorities tried to locate Vannatter. 

The Indiana woman was found at the apartment of the baby's mom. She was taken into custody by the Delaware police when the maintenance worker unlocked the apartment's front door. 

The suspect was booked at about four in the morning last Saturday. 

Court records obtained by Fox 59 showed that Vannatter had different accounts of how the baby got injured. 

However, later on, she told the police that because of an argument with her ex-boyfriend, she felt depressed. When the baby cried, she held the baby's face to the running treadmill, and then she used a lighter to burn the infant's neck and arms. 

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The charges against the Indiana woman

Authorities have charged Vannatter with three counts of battery and three counts of neglect of a dependent. Specifically, she was charged with neglect of a dependent, battery resulting in serious bodily injury to a person less than 14, and battery on a person less than 14. 

The Indiana woman is held under a 60,000-US Dollar bond. 

There are no prior charges against Vannatter. 

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