Free School Supplies: Tips for Parents to Save Lots of Money

Free school supplies sound like a beneficial idea for parents. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, some families experience difficulties in getting through financial woes, and having free school supplies can take some burden off the parents' shoulders.

In an article by the US News, they mentioned ways that parents can do to get free school supplies or buy discounted school supplies.

We also found other alternatives that parents may want to check.

Here are some of those:

Check out organizations.

Across the United States, several organizations believe in the importance of education and helping children get through school. Some of these organizations are the following:

Operation Homefront's Back-to-School Brigade

The Salvation Army


Boys & Girls Club of America

Kids in Need Foundation

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 Teachers need supplies to teach. Students need supplies to learn. Yet, for the 15 million children living in poverty in the US, supplies for learning are a luxury not a given. We are thankful to the commitment of companies like @ecolab_inc who are passionate about making sure under-resourced students have these essential learning materials. Recently, they made sure over 1,500 backpacks were gifted to underserved students in both the Minneapolis/St. Paul and in Washington D.C. Ecolab's employee resource group, EcoEssense, team members participated in distributing backpacks filled with new school supplies to students as they prepare for a new year of learning. Thank you #Ecolab for your continued and amazing support of student success! . . . #morethanjustabackpack #teachersofinstagram #washingtondc #minneapolis #twincities #giveback A post shared by  The Kids In Need Foundation (@kidsinneed) on Aug 27, 2020 at 6:33am PDT

Feed The Children


All of these organizations have programs that are intended to help the children in the United States to have access to free school supplies.

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Look for free school supplies at home.

Sometimes, because of too much clutter or out of convenience, parents tend to forget that it is also possible to find supplies at home. This stuff can be from years ago or just the previous year, but was not wholly used or looks as good as new.

Free School Supplies: Tips for Parents to save a Lot of Money
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Free School Supplies: Tips for Parents to save a Lot of Money

Looking through the things at home should be the first step that parents do when looking for free school supplies.

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Shop at bargains

Some stores offer sale items. Most of the time, parents should have the patience to look through these items and finding the cheapest ones.

Also, other stores offer items in a bundle where you can get additional items for free.

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Try buying from the Goodwill

If parents have a budget for school supplies but are very limited, shopping at Goodwill stores can be an option. At these stores, parents can buy discounted items, and at the same time, they are supporting a good cause, which is helping the environment.

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