34 Unique Baby Names and Their Meanings

Having unique baby names can be a way for parents to set their newborn baby's identity out in the world.

Because parents would always want their newborn baby to stand out from the beginning, choosing from unique baby names can be a good start.

20 Unique Baby Names and Their Meanings
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We compiled some of the baby names that parents may choose for their newborn babies.

These baby names that are quite unique have meanings that could suit a parent's preference.

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Here are the top 20 unique baby names for boys and girls, according to Name Berry:


20 Unique Baby Names and Their Meanings
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  1. Ciara - Irish word meaning little dark one
  2. Danica - Slavic word meaning Morning Star
  3. Paityn - a variation of the name Payton
  4. Nathalia - girl's name from Spain, a variation of the name Natalia
  5. Chandler - French word meaning candle maker
  6. Evalyn - a variation of the names Eva and Eve
  7. Luz - Spanish; means light
  8. Winnie - means a gentle friend
  9. Rilynn - a variation of the name Riley
  10. Nailah - Arabic word that means the one who succeeds

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20 Unique Baby Names and Their Meanings
(Photo : Photo by kelvin octa from Pexels)
  1. Alistair - Scottish version of the name Alexander; this name means "defending men"
  2. Bear - an animal name; could be inspired by Bear Grylls (a British adventurer)
  3. Blaise - French name that means to lisp or stammer
  4. Kenny - Scottish name that means born of fire; could also mean handsome
  5. Kolten - a variation of the name Colton
  6. Leif - Scandinavian name that means heir or descendant
  7. Mac - Irish name that means "son of"
  8. Marquis - English name that pertains to the rank of a nobleman that is between a duke and a count.
  9. Santos - Spanish name that means saint or holy
  10. Zackary - a boy's name that is a variation of the name Zachary.

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Other baby names that are unique

  1. Larkin - girlish bird to boyish surname
  2. Nova - great energy, an astronomical term for a star that increases brightness but eventually fades
  3. Oak - solidity, strength, longevity
  4. Quarry - fresh and earthy
  5. Zephyr - Greek god of the west wind
  6. Safiya - means pure (African)
  7. Elisha - means Noble
  8. Barnabas - son of consolation
  9. Tau - African name that means lion
  10. Emerson - means Emery's son
  11. Diamond - English name that means "of high value," could also mean brilliant.
  12. Jemma - a variation of the name Jemima that means dove
  13. Lizbeth - short for the name Elizabeth that means God's promise
  14. Greer - watchful vigilant (Scottish)

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