When Should Parents Start Choosing Baby Names?

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Choosing a baby name can sometimes be daunting for parents. There are a lot of tips on how parents can choose the perfect name. 

Aside from the color of the nursery or the items to include in the baby bag, parents also wonder, "When should I start choosing a baby name?"

So, when should parents start choosing baby names? Here are some things to keep in mind

Is There A Perfect Time in Choosing A Baby Name?

In an article by the BabyCenter, parents have different opinions on when a baby name should be picked.

The 4,000 people asked by BabyCenter said that choosing a baby name should be done in the second trimester. One-fourth of the respondents said that it should be during the third trimester. Another quarter said they decided after the birth of their baby. There is also a fifth of the parents who said they have a name set during the first trimester, or even earlier.

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What should be considered in choosing a baby name?

Every name has a story behind it. Whether the story is funny or inspiring, parents love sharing these stories with their children.

Experts share some tips in choosing a baby name: 

Let go of the trends

When choosing a baby name, trends should not be considered. Some of the questions that may be asked to check if the name will be okay are: 

"Will this name sound funny in the future?"

"Will my child need to explain this name to other people too often?"

If you answered "Yes!" to these questions, then this name should not pass the list.

Your child's name should be timeless.

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Check the meanings.

Sometimes, some names may only sound good but have bad meanings. For example, the name Cecilia means blind, Leah means weary, Mallory means unlucky, Claudia means lame, and the list goes on.

So when choosing a baby name, this step is significant. Parents should not dare to skip it. That is to avoid unnecessary questions from people who suddenly wanted to ask you the meaning of your baby's name.

Aside from meanings, check the initials.

Checking the initials when choosing a baby name is as important as looking up for the meaning.

This crucial consideration may sound odd. However, it would make sense at some point. Your baby's name might create an intriguing set of initials when written down. For example, the name Feliz Catherine Krawd will create F.C.K. as her initials.

Hear out the name

When choosing a baby name, it would also be helpful if parents will say the name out loud or let other people say it. This way, parents can have the first-hand experience in hearing if it sounds good or bad.

There are many ways on how parents can choose their baby's name. Whatever works, there are nine months to prepare.

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