Hero Father Wrestled with a Stranger Who Attempted to Kidnap His Son

Photo: (Photo : Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels)

A hero father in Melbourne, Australia saved his 2-year-old son from a stranger. In a CCTV footage, a drugged man was trying to kidnap the hero father's son.

The dad, who chose not to be identified wrestled with the stranger who was identified as 41-year-old, Michael Paul Rawson.

According to authorities, Rawson admitted to have taken a cocktail of drugs during that day.

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The attempted kidnapping

In the CCTV footage taken from outside the Preston Library, the hero father was trying to help his son to get down from his seat when Rawson approached them.

The dad and his son were walking their dog that day when they encountered an unexpected turn of events.

Rawson suddenly tried to grab the toddler and threw punches at the dad.

The hero father firmly held his son even when Rawson already dragged him to the bushes and then the ground. 

Passersby helped the dad and his son in catching Rawson.

Because of the incident, the hero father suffered from bruises to his eye, back of his head, and a cut lip. His son also had trauma because of the incident.

Authorities say that when the suspect who attempted kidnapping a toddler was in the Austin Hospital, he tried to escape by assaulting a medical worker.

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The stranger pleads guilty.

The attempted kidnapping happened last year, in November.

Recently, Rawson pleaded guilty of five charges which were filed against him These charges included: 

  • attempted kidnapping,
  • assault, causing reckless injury, 
  • resisting arrest, and
  • assaulting an emergency officer.

During the plea, Rawson was described to be choking back tears.

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The suspect's drug problem

According to reports, Rawson admitted to be drug-induced during his attempted kidnapping. 

Rawson's lawyer said that before he approached the dad and his son, Rawson was just released by police after he was arrested for possessing 2.5 grams of meth.

Reports say that Rawson used meth as a medication to "motivate himself." That is after he broke off his relationship with the mother of his five children. 

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Rawson is not allowed to see his children. 

During his attempted kidnapping, Rawson thought that he was trying to take his daughter. He was in psychosis after mixing GHB and meth.

Before the challenges that Rawson faced with his family, his lawyer also mentioned that the 41-year-old dad was bullied during his childhood.

The suspect to the attempted kidnapping has also been reported to delve into conspiracy theories. That is seen in his Facebook account where he posted and shared a lot of conspiracy materials.

Rawson is expected to receive his sentence on Tuesday.

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