Family Loses Home to Fire After Dad Died Due to Coronavirus

A family loses home to fire, which is after their dad died due to coronavirus. It is indeed a dreadful year for a family in Quincy, Massachusets.

According to reports, the damage to the house is estimated to be at more than 200,000 US Dollars.

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Dad died due to coronavirus.

The coronavirus has been taking a toll on the lives of many people. Some of these challenges include dealing with loss and living with fear of what the next days would become.

For Nina Andrade and her family, when their dad died due to coronavirus and other health issues, it was a very difficult phase in their life. He died in May, and since then, their family has been trying to put all their efforts just to keep their mother in good shape. Andrade's mom is also experiencing lung problems and they do not want her to feel unsafe while dealing with the fact that their dad died due to coronavirus.

However, the challenges keep on coming to the family. Just recently, the family loses home to fire. It has only been months since they faced the challenge of losing their father, and now they are about to go through another problem.

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Family loses home to fire.

Last Saturday, the Quincy Fire Department responded to a call at 7 Roselin Avenue.

According to Quincy Fire Capt. Roger Kenivey, it seems like the fire was caused by an electrical issue. The fire department also believes that the fire started in the basement of the home.

Reports confirmed that all of the residents of the house were able to escape. Along with them were their pets: five dogs, two cats, and a turtle.

Family Loses Home to Fire After Dad Died Due to Coronavirus
(Photo: from Pexels)
Family Loses Home to Fire After Dad Died Due to Coronavirus

Although safe from harm, the pets are being treated at the Weymouth due to minor burns and the possibility that they inhaled smoke during the fire.

Andrade says that as their family loses home to fire, this year has officially become a tough one. She said, "This is just the icing on the cake."

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The family is displaced

As the family loses their home to fire, they are now expecting to be displaced for at least six months since their home would need repairs.

According to Andrade, most of their belongings were destroyed due to the fire. She said, "We literally have the shirts that are on our backs and not much else."

Luckily, firefighters were able to recover the urn containing the ashes of their dad who died due to coronavirus.

Aside from the belongings that the Andrade family lost due to the fire, they say that the sentimental value of the house is already gone.

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