Texas Volunteer Mom Tragically Died Putting off Wildfires [She Was Working with Her Son]

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A Texas volunteer tragically dies while putting off wildfires at California last August 31. The 63-year-old mom, Diana Jones, died while working with her son.

According to reports, the Texas volunteer was supposed to celebrate her fifth year in November as a volunteer.

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The tragic death of the Texas volunteer

Last August 31, a vehicular accident happened in Northern California while firefighters were working on the Tathan wildfire. The accident led to the death of the Texas volunteer. A second firefighter was also injured because of the incident.

In a statement by the acting forest supervisor, Sandra Moore, she said, "This was a tragic incident and our hearts go out to the family, friends, and colleagues of the fallen firefighter."

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Working with her son

In a Facebook post by the Texas Cresson Volunteer Fire Department, it was mentioned that the Texas volunteer mom went to the Pacific Northwest with her son, Captain Ian Shelly, and worked on wildfires.

Almost five years ago, the volunteer mom joined the fire department. Aside from being a firefighter, Diana was also an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certified.

In the Facebook post of the Cresson Volunteer Fire Department, she was described as a servant, "She served us and our community in so many ways without seeking recognition."

Before being a firefighter, Diana pursued a different profession.

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The investigation on the accident

The fire department of the Texas volunteer mom decided to disclose Diana's identity just recently after securing permission from her family.

The US Forest Service announced last September 1 that the Highway Patrol is investigating the incident. In their press statement, they assured that further details would be provided, once available.

The public mourns with the family of the Texas volunteer.

In the Facebook post of the fire department, a lot of people expressed their sympathies and condolences. One netizen said, "We are so sorry for your, her family's, and our great loss." Another said, "My condolences to the other firefighters, first responders, and most importantly, her family." 

Others admired the dedication Diana gave in serving her community, "My condolences to her son & the whole crew. What a remarkable woman, to become an EMT & firefighter at an age when many of us are thinking of taking it easy. You are a true role model."

Some shared their personal experience with the Texas volunteer, "I met Diana when she came to Paskenta to fight our fire. She was such a warm and friendly person who was always smiling. Our community is devastated by her passing and has reached out to see how we can help her family and her fire crew."

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