Self-Care: Watch Toddler and Mom Teach the World How It's Done

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A mom and her toddler show the world how self-care can help make "pain" go away.

Self-care: the deliberate act of doing things to makes one feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

For our well-being's sake, we should all be practicing self-care. However, it is not as simple as it sounds, especially for a toddler. Still, if you got mom by your side, it won't be so hard after all.

Like any other two-year-olds, Brilee Haderer, one day, found herself in a "painful situation" when she accidentally got her fingers caught in the door. While she was obviously crying in pain in the viral video, she is seen following her mom's instructions to take a deep breath. Once she felt better, she tried to explain to her mom, Shelbee, what happened. "My hands," she said.

Self-care can start with simple words of affirmation

"You stuck your fingers in the door, didn't you?" Shelbee asked. "Yeah," Brilee replied. She was then instructed to take a deep breath and then repeat after her mom as she says words of affirmation, "I'm okay, I'm strong, I'm beautiful, I'm loved." Then Brilee's face starts to brighten with the last words, "I'm worthy."

"You're beautiful," said Shelbee. Then Brilee replied, "Thank you, mom," and she reached out to hug her mom. We are lucky enough to witness this heartwarming moment through this video that has already gone viral with thousands giving their comments and reactions.

They melted everyone's hearts

"I know this momma, and trust me, this baby is loved, hugged, and snuggled beyond belief. She is an awesome single mom, and her child is her world. No doubt in my mind that the baby wasn't hugged and little fingers with the boo-boo kissed." - K. Hastings .

"OH MY, this is so precious. This little girl is adorable." - K Vaughn.

"What a great mom! She's going to be a great individual when she grows up!" - R. Velasquez

"Her expression changes when she says she is loved. Beautiful." - J. Hooker

"When she realizes what she's saying after repeating after mommy oh, how that smile came through and she felt better." - R. Russ.

"This sure can pull on your heartstrings. She's so sweet and being strong. Can't see little children hurt or cry. She's being so brave. It makes me want to pick her up and comfort her. So young and wanting to be brave." - O. McDonald.

"If we don't try to teach our children coping skills with the little things, they will never have them for the big things as an adult. Mom DID comfort her, but in a different way. Mom made her feel that her pain will go away shortly, and it probably made the little girl realize that if mom is relaxed, then I can be relaxed. Life is hard! Teaching that all you need to do is breathe and work through those lessons in the moment is a lesson that will continue to grow and evolve throughout life and experiences. Props to mom for these amazing lessons and the obvious love they share." - K. Hazelton.

Indeed, this mom and daughter showed the world the importance of self-care and how it helps ease the "pain" of everyday challenges.

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