Wisconsin Father and Son Duo Work Together as Team Surgeons

A Wisconsin father and son duo work together as team surgeons. The two are both orthopaedic surgeons and are now working together at the Prevea Health Allouez Center.

The dad, Dr. Tom Florack, and the son, Dr. Michael Florack, have been sharing an office since last month. However, they have been working together for years.

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The Wisconsin father and son duo's bond over the years

Even when Dr. Michael was younger, he has been close to his father. He thinks that his father is his hero since he was a kid.

In the office of the Wisconsin father and son duo, a cute artwork of Michael is hanging on the wall. It is a skeleton made of spaghetti noodles. The younger Dr. Florack made it when he was only 13 years old.

He said that it is not only in the field of medicine that the two have been bonding over. They have been working together for the son's projects when he was younger - like in boxcar races for boy scouting, and other things.

Dr. Michael said, "We've always been working and building and doing things together.

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The Wisconsin father and son duo's partnership

Since they started working together in the clinic, the dad thinks that their partnership is surprisingly easy and natural. He said, "It's just been fun."

The son, on the other hand, shared that even when he was not yet moving to Prevea, he works with his dad.

During the younger doctor's fellowship, he would ask his father for his professional thoughts on some of the cases that the son handles. He said, "I'm sending a photo, with no patient identifying data just so we're clear about that, and say well I got this problem and this is what I'm thinking about it, and what do you think, the kind of thing you do with your partners here."

After a month of working together in the clinic and the operating room, the father and son duo continues to admire each other's expertise.

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Keeping up with each other

To make sure that they keep themselves up to date on the knowledge about their field, they keep the stream of information flowing. 

Wisconsin Father and Son Duo Work Together as Team Surgeons
(Photo: RF._.studio from Pexels)
Wisconsin Father and Son Duo Work Together as Team Surgeons

Dr. Tom says he is learning a lot from his son, and so does Dr. Michael from his father.

When the younger doctor chose to work with his father, he knew he was making the right decision. He said, "There's no great partner possible than my dad, so as someone coming in as a junior partner, looking for a senior partner that's done it successfully and very well for a number of years."

Dr. Michael also said that he is happy that he followed his dad's career path.

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