Pandemic Baby Bonus: A Way to Avoid Baby Bust and Ensure Baby Boost

pandemic baby bonus is a solution that the Singaporean government sees fit to avoid baby bust during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a report by BBC, Singapore is going to give a one-time payment to parents who will have babies during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Singapore has long been in the list of countries with the lowest birth rates.

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The foreseen baby bust

The worry of the Singaporean government on the foreseen baby bust arose when there were reports that Singaporeans are planning to put off becoming parents because of the struggles during the coronavirus pandemic. The financial stress and layoffs in jobs are the primary reasons for such a decision.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat of Singapore, "We have received feedback that Covid-19 has caused some aspiring parents to postpone their parenthood plans."

Pandemic Baby Bonus: A Way to Avoid Baby Bust and Ensure Baby Boost
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Pandemic Baby Bonus: A Way to Avoid Baby Bust and Ensure Baby Boost

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Singapore's low birth rates

The fertility rate in this country was in an eight-year-low in 2018. The birth rate for 2018 is at 1.14 births per woman.

Because of this, the government has been using a baby bonus system. This way, eligible parents are given up to 10,000 US dollars of benefits.

Aside from Singapore, other Asian countries are facing a similar problem in the possible baby bust.

China also fell to its lowest birth rate this year.

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The new pandemic baby bonus

On top of the baby bonus system that Singapore already implements, they are also willing to provide a pandemic baby bonus to parents who are eager to have a child during the coronavirus pandemic.

There are no details yet as to how much the bonus will be. Deputy Prime Minister Heng said that it would be announced on a later date.

Heng also said, "Our guiding principle is prudence, not austerity. We will continue to invest decisively in our national priorities, with a deep commitment to leave behind a better future for our children."

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The baby boom in Singapore's neighbouring countries

Compared to the long-standing problem of low birth rates, Singapore's neighbouring country, the Philippines, is foreseen to face the opposite problem.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the unintended pregnancies in the Philippines are expected to spike to almost half.

According to the UN, this spike is an epidemic in itself.

In South-East Asia, the Philippines has the second-highest population.

Aside from the Philippines, Indonesia is also expected to have a baby boom due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Indonesian government expects a surge of 400,000 births than usual. 

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