How to Get over Someone: Tips to Move on After Breakup

Do you want to know how to get over someone? Moving on after a breakup is never easy. You might feel like it is the end of the world. But there are still more to life after you and your ex have split up. 

Author of "Facebook Dating: From First Date to Soulmate" and psychologist, Dr. Paulette Sherman, explained how to move on. She said that an average breakup takes time, and you have to tell yourself that things will be easier because it can be painful. She added that you need some time to normalize and get used to living without your ex. 

Dr. Sherman shared with "The Cut" some practical tips on how to get over someone. 

Grieve as the first step

The first step of the process is by giving yourself an ample amount of time to grieve. Dr. Sherman said that you should let yourself feel your feelings and not repress them. 

Keep yourself busy

Apart from grieving, structure your days in the beginning. Keep yourself busy so that you are not wallowing all the time, said Dr. Sherman. 

Take extra care of yourself

Now is the best time to put a focus on self-care and make sure to meet your needs. Dr. Sherman said that by focusing on your self-development, you would soon feel confident again and become your best self.

how to get over someone, tips to move on after breakup
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Change your speed dial person

Substitute someone else as your speed dial person. Start connecting with someone else, like your mom or your best friend, so it changes your habit of calling them especially when times that you need someone to talk to. 

Step up to your next relationship

Dr. Sherman said that you should find out what did not work in your previous relationship. It could help you know what quality should not be present in the next person you would choose. 

Put away pictures

Instead of throwing out all the pictures you had, keep them away until your emotions subside. You could block or unfollow the person to give yourselves space, said Dr. Sherman. 

Be excited about your future

Have a vision board of goals of what you want to do in the next months. Dr. Sherman said that it could help you keep your eyes into them, instead of focusing on the past. 

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Cut off communication if needed

Constantly talking or hooking up with the person could make it harder for you in the long run. Dr. Sherman said that it is not the right way of dealing with reality. 

Be careful not to have a rebound

You could hurt another person if you get into a relationship when you are not yet ready. Be careful of the rebound thing, reminds Dr. Sherman.

Know your worth

A breakup does not make you undesirable nor unlovable and internalizing negative beliefs will not be good to you. Dr. Sherman said that you can write down 25 good things about you so you have something to read before you enter a new relationship. 

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