Baby's Photos Honoring Late Mom Sends Powerful Message About Driving Under the Influence

Yesenia Aguilar was 23 years old when an SUV hit her in Anaheim. She was 35 weeks pregnant with her daughter. Yesenia and her husband, James Alvarez, were walking on the sidewalk when the vehicle suddenly jumped the curb and hit her.

Yesenia was then rushed to UCI Medical Center, where she died. However, doctors were able to deliver the baby via C-section. The miracle baby was named Adalyn Rose Alvarez-Aguilar and is almost two months old now. James decided to have a photoshoot of baby Adalyn Rose.

Daughter's photoshoot to honor mom's memory

He said he planned it in honor of Yesenia's memory, who had always wanted to have a newborn photo shoot. He told CBS News that he is confident that his wife is thrilled that her wishes have been fulfilled.

Speaking to Good Morning America, he said that his daughter is the last gift Yesenia gave him. The baby girl is a blessing and a miracle, he said. About a month before the tragic accident, the couple had a maternity shoot. Grisel Leyva was the photographer who took the maternity and the baby photos.

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Some of the photos directly pay tribute to his late wife, including an image of baby Adalyn holding flowers similar to what her mom was holding in one of her maternity photos. Another shot shows the baby being surrounded by makeup - Yesenia was studying cosmetology. Other images included some of Yesenia's items like her favorite blanket and her wedding veil.

"Don't drink and drive"

The photos were shared on Facebook and have since gone viral. In the post, Leyva wrote, "DON'T DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE." She explained to Good Morning America that she wants people to think several times before getting behind the wheel. She said she feels like Adalyn's life was utterly torn apart.

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People always ask me where I get my strength from, its simple daughter and wife. I have 2 angels in my life, one that’s in heaven watching over us which I call my beautiful wife and the second one is my lovely daughter. My daughter gave me a new reason to continue fighting. I here standing strong and telling you to please don’t drink and drive. With irresponsible actions can take someone life and let me tell you, I wish this horrific pain upon no one. I lost my wife but most of all, my daughter will never know her mother. Please do the right thing and be responsible. #dontdrinkanddrive #beresponsible #babygirl #newbornphotography #newbornphotoshoot #beautiful #gorgeous #baby #daddysgirl #singlefather #singleparent #miracle #hope #restinpeace #wifey #iloveyou #forever #yeseniaaguilar #adalynrose A post shared by  James Alvarez (@__jamesalvarez) on Oct 7, 2020 at 6:56pm PDT

Alvarez also shared on Instagram a photoshopped image of his late-wife with him holding their daughter. He wrote, "People always ask me where I get my strength from, it's simple daughter and wife."

He added he has two angels in his life, one is in heaven, his wife, watching over them, and the other is his lovely daughter. He also urged people not to drink and drive because irresponsible actions can take a person's life.

"I lost my wife, but most of all, my daughter will never know her mother. Please do the right thing and be responsible."

The 40-year-old lady driver responsible for Yesenia's death was charged with second-degree murder. NBC Los Angeles added that the driver was also charged with one misdemeanor count of driving on a suspended license, and one felony count of driving under the influence of drugs causing injury.

People may also participate in this tribute to the late 23-year-old mom by sharing a photo of themselves on Instagram holding roses, on October 23, 2020. Kindly include the hashtag #inhonorofyeseniaaguilar.

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