California Woman Dies Tragically on the Same Day She Gives Birth to Miracle Baby

On August 11, Yesenia Aguilar was walking on an Anaheim, California, sidewalk with her husband, James Alvarez, when suddenly, an SUV hit her. Alvarez performed CPR on his wife before bringing her to UCI Medical Center. The 23-year-old pregnant woman died from injuries. Thankfully, the doctors were able to save the baby in her womb.

Evening walk turned nightmare

Alvarez told TODAY Parents that they were on an evening walk when a motorist hit his wife. Allegedly, the driver was driving under the influence of drugs, who suddenly lost control of her car.

The husband revealed that it was too late by the time they saw the car coming towards them. He remembered looking at his wife laying on the ground, and all he could think was somebody would wake him up from that nightmare. He performed CPR on his 35-weeks pregnant wife then rushed her to the nearest hospital.

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At around 7:37 in the evening, police received a call about a traffic collision that involved a vehicle and a pedestrian. Anaheim Police Department Sgt. Jon Yepes said that the accident happened east of Euclid Street, near Bayless Street and Katella Avenue. Authorities noted that a white Jeep struck a pregnant woman who was walking on the sidewalk with her husband.

Daughter's birthday is mom's death day

Doctors did an emergency cesarean section on Aguilar, so they were able to save the couple's daughter, Adalyn Rose. Even though their newborn daughter is currently in the NICU, Alvarez proudly said that the little one is breathing on her own. On Monday, he was able to hold his daughter for the first time. Tearing up, Alvarez said that his daughter's birthday is the same day that his wife died.

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The Orange County District Attorney's Office has charged 40-year-old Courtney Fritz Pandolfi with murder for killing Aguilar. It noted that the suspect had prior DUI convictions.

Todd Spitzer, Orange County District Attorney, told TODAY in a written statement that what happened is beyond shocking and reprehensible. He explained that there is no reason that a 23-year-old mom should die, and her daughter has to grow up without seeing her mom's smile nor hearing her voice. He also wrote that the tragic incident is 100 percent preventable. Spitzer explained that although the woman knew the consequences of driving under the influence, she still did.

Anaheim Police Sgt. Shane Carringer said that Pandolfi was driving with a suspended license.

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On Wednesday, Alvarez and his family members will celebrate his late wife's life at a small private funeral. Alvarez said that his "happiest and most loving woman" wife worked as a Disneyland cast member. He also noted that his wife is studying to become a cosmetologist.

Alvarez told TODAY Parents that Aguilar is his world and that there are no words to describe how much he misses his wife. However, he knows he has to be strong and keep fighting for their miracle baby.

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