Mother and Baby Found Dead in Texas; Mom's Womb Was Cut Open

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A mother and baby have died after her womb was cut open on Friday morning at a residence in New Boston. Bowie County officials reported the incident.

Reagan Hancock, 22, who was seven and half months pregnant, was found by her mother in her home in New Boston, Texas. Hancock's - who already had a daughter - womb was cut open allegedly by a friend then took her to a hospital across state lines.

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At about 10:20 am on Friday, New Boston Police responded to a 911 call about a deceased person in the 200 block of Austin Street, according to Texas Department of Public Safety spokesman Gregg Williams in a news release issued late Friday. Upon arrival, Hancock's body was found inside her house. The initial investigation said that her womb was cut open, and the unborn child had been removed from her body.

Nearly 50 miles away, a female suspect was arrested in Idabel, Oklahoma, after allegedly taking the baby to a hospital. The baby has since died. 

The police have not yet named the woman, but Hancock's family has claimed on social media that she was a friend. The police officials are yet to say the motive behind the woman's crime. The woman has been charged with kidnapping and murdering an unborn child. 

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A PayPal fund that was set up for the mother and baby's gruesome deaths states that the mother and baby were selfishly killed when her womb was cut open by someone that the deceased mother had considered a friend. 

The post also revealed that the young mom had been expecting a second child with her husband Homer, whom she married in 2019, and with whom she shared a three-year-old daughter. 

Social media posts also showed that Hancock was expecting another little girl, who she planned to name Braxlynn Sage on November 10. But due to what happened, the mother and baby won't be able to be with their loving family anymore. 

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In a heartbreaking post shared on Saturday, Hancock's mother revealed she was the one who discovered her daughter's body in her home. In a post, she said that she is begging for prayers for her family and that her beautiful daughter, Hancock, and her precious unborn baby girl Braxlynn, were murdered by Satan in the flesh. Hancock's mother also showed her grief by saying that their family, friends, and community were rocked to the core. She said that Reagon was one of the most precious people that anyone could ever meet. 

The mother and baby's gruesome death as the mother's womb was cut open left the town of New Boston alarmed and terrified, especially when the suspect is allegedly a friend of the victim. It only shows that there are still people out there whom you seemed to know, but will still surprise you with what they are capable of doing.

Multiple agencies are still digging into the crime, including DPS, New Boston Police Department, Bowie County Sheriff's Office, and Texarkana Texas, Police Department.

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