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'Mother Of Authentic Midwifery' Ina May Gaskin Implies Racial Slur Against Black Mothers

Moms  6 May '17

'Mother Of Authentic Midwifery' Ina May Gaskin Implies Racial Slur Against Pregnant Black Women

Ina May Gaskin provoked black birth workers to boycott her events after implying that black maternal complications are caused by the mother's bad habits.

Puerto Rico Battles Zika Virus

Pregnancy  5 April '17

Why The Wrongful Birth Law Debate Is Still On The Rise

The wrongful birth law in Texas is still under fire as lawmakers agreed on having it abolished.


Infant  29 March '17

San Diego County Health Officials Confirm Baby Born To Mother Infected With Zika Has Microcephaly

San Diego County health officials confirmed that a baby was born with microcephaly in the area.

Transgender bathroom bill

Family Life  17 March '17

Why A Popular Oklahoma Restaurant Puts Up A Sign Against Transgender Customers

A popular Oklahoma restaurant put up a sign against transgender customers.

Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  15 March '17

Did Zika Virus Outbreak In Florida Infect Sperm Donations? Scientists Release Announcement

Florida was one of the hotbeds of Zika virus last year and now scientists claim it is possible the sperm donations in the state are infected.

Michael Brown

Teens/Young Adults  14 March '17

Did Michael Brown Steal From Convenience Store Minutes Before Shooting? New Documentary Sparks Questions

Michael Brown died in 2014 and a new documentary showing him trading marijuana for the bag of cigarillos, sparking accusations of stealing.

State Representative Jessica Farrar

Pregnancy  14 March '17

State Representative Files Texas Bill Against Men Equivalent To Abortion Bill; Males To Pay For Masturbation?

A satirical Texas bill limiting the masturbation of men was passed.

Texas Transgender Bill

Teens/Young Adults  9 March '17

Texas Bathroom Bill On Its Way To Implementation After It Passes Key Votes

The Texas bathroom bill might be implemented soon after the bill passed key votes.

Daisy Lynne Torres' parents

Toddler  3 March '17

Toddler Dies Of Dental Procedure; Parents Claim It Was Unneeded, A Money-Making Scheme

A 14-month-old girl died after a dental procedure.

University of Southern Mississippi student falls to his death

Family Life  13 February '17

Texas Father Takes Own Life After Killing Wife And Daughter, Motive Not Yet Determined

A Texas father is believed to have killed his own wife and daughter before killing himself.

Sydney Galleger

Teens/Young Adults  30 January '17

Teen Dies During Oral Surgery, Family Sues Eden Prairie Dentist For Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death

The family of the teen from Eden Prairie who died during an oral surgery sued the dentist.

Fetal Remains

Pregnancy  28 January '17

US Abortion News: Texas Rule Requiring Fetal Remains To Be Buried, Cremated Blocked By Federal Judge

The proposal of Texas to have fetal remains from abortion clinics and hospitals be buried or cremated was blocked by a federal judge.

Matthew McConaughey Visits 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

TV.Movie  20 January '17

Matthew McConaughey Gets Candid Over His Family & Being 'Captain Fun' For 'Gold'; Will His Kids Join Hollywood?

Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves are proud parents to three children - Levi, 8 Vida, 7, Livingston, 4.

University of Southern Mississippi student falls to his death

Teens/Young Adults  10 January '17

Baytown, Texas Home Shooting Injured Three Teenagers; Motive Remains Unclear While Suspects Still At Large

Three teenagers were injured after a shooting took place at a home in Baytown, Texas.

Lake Tawakoni

Family Life  4 January '17

Father And 5-Year-Old Son Found Dead In Lake Tawakoni After Going Duck-Hunting

A boater and his son were found dead in Lake Tawakoni.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys

Family Life  23 December '16

Bragging Gone Wrong? Stepmother Gloats Over Dallas Cowboys' Victory, Stepson Stabs Her To Death

A stepson is accused of the stabbing his stepmother to death.

U.S. Supreme Court Issues Major Opinions On Abortion And Gun Rights

Health  11 December '16

What Texas Needs To Know In Its Epic Battle Against Abortion

In Texas, women who are contemplating on abortion are distributed with leaflets. FInd out why.

GOP Presidential Candidates Address RISE Initiative Black Christian Summit

Health  6 December '16

Fetal Burial About To Be A Huge Lawsuit In Texas With Its New Rules Involving Abortion

New rules in Texas involving fetal burial might lead to a huge lawsuit before taking effect.

Texas Governor

Infant  2 December '16

'Giving Voice To The Unborn': Texas Officials Will Now Require Unborn Babies Via Abortion, Miscarriages To Be Cremated, Buried

Texas officials will reportedly push through with a new law that will require people to cremate and bury unborn children via abortion and miscarriage.

Police are looking for a person of interest

Infant  24 November '16

Two-Month-Old Baby Boy Killed By Mother’s Boyfriend? Authorities Search For Mom’s BF As Person Of Interest In Infant’s Death

A man is being searched by authorities as they believe he has something to do with the death of a two-month-old baby boy.

Yesenia Sesmas

Infant  23 November '16

Texas Murder Update: Woman Who Faked Pregnancy Then Killed Mother Who Just Gave Birth Claims Victim Agreed To Give Up Baby

The Dallas woman who killed a mother who just gave birth then abducted the latter's baby said that the victim wanted to give up the baby.

Immunization Fair In NYC Offers Vaccinations For School Children

Health  22 November '16

Unanswered Questions On Why So Many Texas Children Are Unvaccinated Raise Protest From Parents

Year after year there's been a steady increase in the number of students with a conscientious exemption from vaccination in Texas.

Next iPad, First Apple iOS Device To Not Feature A Home Button?

School Age  14 November '16

Children’s Lazy Eye Treated Better By Ubisoft iPad Game ‘Dig Rush’ Than A Patch

Researchers found that children with lazy eye who played the iPad game had improved visions after just two weeks. Around 40 percent got 20/32 vision or better, which is an almost normal vision.

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