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Protest At Against Fracking At Lancashire County Council

Body  19 July '16

Fracking Contributes to Asthma, Exposure To Pollution & Stress Increase Children & Adults’ Need For Medical Treatment

Asthma medications and hospitalizations were more common in people living near fracking operations throughout the country. Pollution and stress associated with fracking operations could be blamed for these asthma attacks.

Brazil Faces New Health Epidemic As Mosquito-Borne Zika Virus Spreads Rapidly

Health  15 July '16

Zika-linked Microcephaly Found in Newborn Baby In Texas

The first baby in Texas with Zika-linked microcephaly has been born.

Dentists Offering NHS Treatment Continue To Dwindle

Health  15 July '16

Anesthesia Gone Wrong: Routine Dental Procedure Kills 14-Month-Old Texas Girl

Daisy Lynn Torres was halfway through her treatment at the Austin Children's Dentistry when the anesthesia complication occurred. The child was taken to the hospital but was pronounced dead after a few hours.

Convicted Murderers Escape From New York State Prison

School  10 July '16

America’s Criminal Justice Reform & Recidivism Problem: New York Prison Inmates Provided With Ivy League Education

Taconic Correctional Facility in Bedford Hills, New York has sought the help of professors from Ivy League universities as part of its prisoners' rehabilitation program. One of the subjects being taught is philosophy.

North Carolina Clashes With U.S. Over New Public Restroom Law

Politics  7 July '16

Thirteen-State Coalition Steps Up The Legal Fight Against Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Policy

The 13-state coalition has asked a federal court in Texas to stop the Obama transgender bathroom policy's enforcement while the lawsuit is ongoing. Texas AG Ken Paxton said the Obama administration is equating the term "sex" with "gender identity" in federal laws.

New Building Construction Occupied By Evicted Families

Homeschooling  28 June '16

Homeschooled Children Not Being Taught in Texas While Waiting For Rapture, Court Sides With Family

A state court has taken the side of a family who has stopped teaching its homeschooled children as they wait for rapture.


Body  28 June '16

Second Case of Flesh-eating Bacteria Recorded in Texas After a Trip at the Beach

A Texas man has contracted flesh-eating bacteria during a trip to the beach making it the second case of such just this June.

Zika Virus

Health/Nutrition  28 June '16

4 Cities in Texas Included in Hot Spots for Zika Virus, State Says They are Ready but Funding Would Help

Four Texas cities have been recorded to be the hotspot for Zika virus and the state said they are ready but funding would help.

Safe in the loving arms of his Dad, David Snook, o

Infant  24 June '16

What Happened To The Texas Baby Her Dad Forgot In A Hot Car And Placed Her Inside A Fridge?

Michael Thedford, in desperation, placed his 6-month-old daughter inside a fridge after leaving her for four hours in a hot car.

Homicide Enquiry Into Death Of Twin Boys

Infant  23 June '16

Family Car Owners: Six Month Old Baby Dies After Being Left Inside The Family Car For Hours

A father was placed behind bars after leaving his baby inside the car for hours.

Big Brother

TV/ Movie  23 June '16

'Big Brother' Season 18 News and Updates: Corey Brooks Causing Controversy, Anti-Gay Tweets Revealed

Corey Brooks is one of the new houseguests in "Big Brother" Season 18 and he is causing some controversy as he has tweeted anti-gay tweets.

ICE Detains And Deports Undocumented Immigrants From Arizona

School  21 June '16

America’s Recidivism Problem Will Be Fixed Through Prison Education Programs

Prisoners who were released back into society are in danger of recidivism or re-entering jail due to their lack of education, skills and work experience. The U.S. government is working on fixing this by introducing correctional education programs.

Immigration Activists Rally For Release Of Migrants From TX Detention Facility

Family Life  9 June '16

Obama Administration To Build A New Family Immigrant Detention Center In Texas Despite Lawsuits Slapped On Other Facilities

Immigrant mothers and activists said Texas' family detention centers have a negative impact on children's mental health and are endangering their lives. But the DNS argued that detention facilities are necessary and are family-friendly.

Michael Roell Mugshot

Education  8 June '16

Sachse, Texas Teacher Accused of Indecency by Special Needs Students

Michael Roell from Sachse, Texas has been accused of indecency and sexual abuse by one of his special needs students.

Germany Faces Aging Population

Family Life  3 June '16

Reawaken Your Inner Child: Summer Camp For Seniors Allow Old People To Relive Their Childhood Experiences

Just because you're old doesn't mean you're not allowed to enjoy summer camps anymore. These camps promise adventures to reawaken the inner child in you.

Celebrations Take Part Across Country As Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Gay Marriage

Family Life  3 June '16

Same-Sex Parenting: Gay Couples Still Struggle In Their Legal Standing As Parents

Some states have already made progress in expanding the parental standing of same-sex couples. Others. however, still do not recognize both LGBT parents in a child's birth certificate.


Sports  29 May '16

Pelicans Guard Bryce Dejean-Jones Shot Dead After Entering Wrong Dallas Apartment

Authorities are now investigating the death of New Orleans Pelicans player Bryce Dejean-Jones, who died after he was shot inside a Dallas apartment on Saturday.

Baby Crawling Match In Haikou

Infant  23 May '16

Baby Does Running Man Challenge With Excellent Footwork

A video of a cute little baby doing the Running Man Challenge has captured thousands of viewers all over the world.

New Home Sales Rise To Highest Levels In Six Years

Family Life  23 May '16

Owning Homes Is A Bleak Scenario For Young Adults Without College Degrees

Owning homes can be challenging for millennials without college degrees. Their lower income hinders them from saving money to afford homes.

Florida Celebrates Spanish Explorer Ponce De Leon

Education  21 May '16

Racially Motivated Bullying Or Mere Accident? Texas Mother Files Lawsuit After Her Black 12-Year-Old Daughter Came Home From School Outing With Severe Neck Burn

A young black student suffered from a severe rope burn around her neck during a school trip. She and her mother believed it was not an accident.

This Boy With Down Syndrome Is The Youngest Business Owner In

Family ♥ Story  20 May '16

[VIDEO] Down Syndrome Did Not Stop This Young Man From Pursuing His Dreams As Business Owner

His parents was told he won't have a normal life.

President Obama Delivers His Last State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of Congress

School  20 May '16

Republicans & Teachers Unions Are Blocking Obama's Plan To Give More Funding To Poor Public Schools

Barack Obama's plan to increase funding for poor public schools is met with oppositions for big groups. The funding inequality between poor and rich schools are blamed on teachers' contracts and tenure arrangements.

Teacher Lost Her 16 y/o Cat, So Her Students Surprised Her With 2 Rescue Kittens

Family ♥ Story  17 May '16

Students Surprise Devastated Teacher With Kittens

A group of students didn't let their professor down by giving her surprise gifts.

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