How to Help Your Parents Prepare for Their Future?

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There are ways to help your parents prepare for a pleasant future that can also be stress-free.

Even if your relationship with your parents is not well and is less than perfect, you still don't want to see them go through different struggles. It is in your best interest and theirs to prepare for the concerns that come with aging.

In an article from Psychology Today, Sean Grover talks about how to help your parents prepare for the future.

Talk with your parents about aging concerns.

One way on how to help your parents prepare for a stress-free and pleasant future is by talking with them. Call a family meeting where you, your siblings - if you have - and your parents can talk about the future.

Ask your parents how they feel about their current state and living condition, if the family can help them in any way, if they plan to pay for assisted living or medical care, or would they choose to live if they are no longer able to live on their own.

Their answers will guide you in making the best and possible decisions for all of the family. But, make sure that your family meeting is loving, honest, and respectful. 

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Observe your parents' current situation. 

Knowing what their current state will not only guide you how to help your parents prepare for their pleasant future, but it will also enable you to determine whether they need assistance now and what kind of aid and form it would be.

Check for any medical and legal plans.

Ensuring that your parents have enough medical and legal planning is an essential part of how to help your parents prepare for their future. In addition to their health plan, they should also have an Advanced Health Care Directive or Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST).

These papers contain their medical wishes, should they ever become incapable of expressing their wants. Also, make copies of important documents like insurance, portfolios, baptism and wedding certificates, military records, and POLST.

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Evaluate their financial resources. 

Reviewing their financial matters is a big part of how to help your parents prepare for their stress-free future. Include on your list their monthly income, retirement savings, pensions, assets, savings accounts, and social security.

After that, list down their monthly expenses and debts. Compute how long their finances will last based on their current costs and savings. 

Knowing how to help your parents prepare for their pleasant and stress-free future is not always easy since this can be a very sensitive topic for your family. It is one of the best things that you can do for your parents.

By following these simple tips or ways, you can also prepare yourself for difficult talks and set plans in motion when needed.

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