How to Healthily Gain Weight? 17 Foods to Help You Add Pounds Safely

Do you know how to gain weight healthily? If you think adding on pounds is not suitable for you, think again. Bodybuilders and athletes build muscle so that they could put on weight. 

Underweight people could have infertility, developmental delays, and malnutrition. Apart from that, they are at risk of osteoporosis and a weakened immune system. Some could also experience an increased risk of complications during surgeries. 

Here are some foods that could help you gain muscle and boost overall health. Eating them may also help you gain weight quickly.


An excellent source of vitamins and minerals, milk also contains proteins, fat, and carbohydrates that help you build muscle. A study proved that skimmed milk is better than a soy-based product at helping build muscle. 

Red meat

Steak and other red meats help you to add pounds because they contain protein and fat. Steak could help you gain muscle mass because it contains leucine and creatine. A study of 100 women ages 60 to 90 has an 18 percent increased weight and strength after adding lean red meat to their diets. 

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Other than being rich in healthy fats, salmon contains protein and omega-3. Six ounces of salmon provides 240 calories. 


Get healthy fat, protein, and other nutrients from eggs. Make sure to eat the yolk because most of its nutrients are found there. 

Nuts and nut butter

Add pounds safely by eating nuts and nut butter. Choose raw or dry roasted to get the most benefits. For nut butter, use those without hydrogenated oils or added sugar. 

how to gain weight healthily, foods to help you add pounds
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Fats and oils

Olive and avocado oils give you heart-healthy saturated fats.

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Dried fruits 

Dried fruits like pineapple, apples, or cherries are rich in nutrients and calories. A quarter cup of dried cranberries consists of about 130 calories.  


If you want to gain weight, you may add cheese to your diet. It is a good source of protein, calcium, fat, and calories. 


Rich in calories and fat, avocados have many vitamins and minerals as well. Eat it to gain weight healthily. 

how to gain weight healthily, foods to help you add pounds
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Protein supplements

Athletes take protein supplements to help them gain more muscle mass. It is one way to gain weight and add more calories to your diet without spending too much. 


Rice is a good source of carbohydrates that could help you gain weight. Only one cup of it has 200 calories. 

Whole-grain bread

Whole-grain bread help with weight gain because it contains complex carbohydrates. Choose bread with added seeds for additional benefits. 

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Whole-grain pasta also helps with gaining weight apart from helping make you feel full. 

Other starches

Starches add bulk to meals, so they add more calories to the food that you eat. Add potatoes, corn, beans, quinoa, buckwheat, oats, legumes, squash, and sweet potatoes to your meals. You could also consume pasta, winter root vegetables, and cereal bars. 

how to gain weight healthily, foods to help you add pounds
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Cereal bars

Eat bars that have less sugar and contain whole nuts, fruits, and grains. Get vitamins and minerals in the convenient form of cereal bars. 

Dark chocolate

Apart from being high in fat and calorie, dark chocolates also contain antioxidants. Choose one that has 70 percent cacao for better effects. 


Full-fat yogurt contains nutrients and protein that help you increase your weight. Opt for non-flavored ones, then add fruit or nuts to your liking.

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