How to Get Rid of Bloating: Effective Ways to Provide Instant Relief

Are you looking for ways on how to get rid of bloating? Supplements, massages, and workouts could all help to remove your feeling of bloatedness. By doing some lifestyle changes, you could prevent it from coming back. 

Causes of bloating

When your body accumulates excessive gas in your stomach or intestines, you feel bloated. While it usually resolves on its own, there are ways you could do to get relief faster. To do so, you must first know its cause.  


Too much salt and sugar and not eating enough fiber could cause you to feel bloated. Other than that, fizzy drinks could also cause you to feel bloating. 

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Digestive issues

You could experience bloating if you have food allergies and intolerances. Being constipated could also contribute to bloating feelings. 

Hormonal changes

Some women get water retention during their periods, which causes bloating. 

Ways to get rid of bloating

Many natural ways could help give relief to bloating. Here are some home remedies to help give you relief. 


Moving regularly could help your body release excess gas and stool. Walking is one way to relieve constipation and gas pressure. 

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Peppermint capsule

Peppermint oil capsules are available in the market for patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). However, you could also use them for indigestion and gassy stomach. 

Gas relief capsules

Anti-gas medications like simethicone pills and liquid could help a person release excess gas in the GI tract. 

Essential oils

Adding essential oils to your diet could help with bloating, abdominal pain, and IBS. A study done in 2016 proved that curcumin and fennel oil helped subjects improve their GI tract pains. Make sure to consult with your doctor first before you consume essential oils. 

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Increase fiber

Start with little fiber, then increase gradually, because taking in too much quickly could aggravate bloating. Wait for several weeks before you increase your fiber intake. 


Our intestines have good bacteria like probiotics. By adding them to your diet, you help your colon remove excess gas. 


Some yoga poses reduce bloating by positioning the abdomen muscles, which promotes the release of excess gas. You could try squats, Child's Pose, and Happy Baby Pose.

Abdominal massage

Massaging your abdomen following the large intestine path could help relieve gassy stomach pains. Start by placing hands above the right hip bone, then rub in a circular motion. Using only light pressure, run towards the right side of the rib cage, then move toward the upper belly area. 

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Continue massaging toward the left side of the rib cage, then slowly move to the left hip bone. Repeat as needed. 

Warm bath

Soaking and relaxing in a warm bath could help relieve abdominal sore. When you relax, your stress levels also decreases, which helps your GI tract to function better. 

Water over soda

The carbon dioxide produced in fizzy or carbonated drinks adds gas into your stomach. Sugars and artificial sweeteners also add to your bloating feeling. Apart from treating these issues, drinking lots of water aids with constipation too. 

Reduce salt

Salt causes water retention, so decreasing it in your diet could help you with your gas problems. 

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