Sex Education 101: When and How to Discuss the Topic

Sex education at home is one of the taboo topics that parents find hard to discuss. If parents are afraid to talk about sex at home, children will learn about it outside. When it happens, kids might get the wrong idea about the whole thing about reproduction. 

Do you want to know when and how you could discuss the topic with your children? Read on to find out the right time when kids are ready to learn about sex. Apart from that, this article will also point out how you can open up one of the most taboo topics to talk about at home. 

When is the right time to talk about sex? 

Children are curious about so many things. One of them is about sex and sexuality. At only a few months old, a baby gets curious about their sexual organs too. The Internet shows a lot of information about sex. 

Author of "Sex Is A Funny Word: A Book About Bodies, Feelings And You," Cory Silverberg, explained the right age to start talking about sex. He said that parents should start teaching the topic to children even before they start talking. 

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Sex educator Silverberg shared that parents should teach their babies the proper genital names during everyday activities like bath time. Start teaching your children about their sex organs when it is appropriate to explore their bodies. 

At about age two to five, children can become curious about their bodies, so it is the best time to teach them about sexual parts. Parents should teach children about when not to allow strangers to touch their private parts too. 

At around ages six to eight, your kids might have started exploring their bodies. You may start discussing the actual mechanics of sex with them. Silverberg explained that starting this early is better than delaying it if you think it is time. You could make use of a good book to help your children understand sex concepts. 

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When your children are about ages nine to 12, it is time for you to discuss sexism and sexualization. A Toronto-based sex educator, Nadine Thornhill, said that you might start normalizing safe sex so your kids could make better choices because they understand the risks. 

Once your children reach teenage years, and you have established yourself into topics like sex, it would be easier for them to ask you if they have further questions down the road. However, if you will just start teaching them about sex, Thornhill said that just hearing out what your children want to know would reassure them that you are open to discussing things. 

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How to discuss sex with your children

If you feel it is already time to talk with your kids about sex, make sure you choose the most appropriate time. When there is a relevant TV program, grab the opportunity to get your kids to ask questions. 

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When giving answers to questions, clarify first what they know before giving them your answer. Use brief and clear answers that are easy for your toddler to understand. Be patient and attentive when they have questions. Explain your worries about sex and teach your children about possible solutions. 

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