Easy Guide for Parents on How to Help Kids Handle Worry

As parents or guardians, you need to know how to help kids handle worry. To help you, here are some ways to teach your kids when they get worried. 

Although children don't experience the same problems that adults go through, they still have their things to worry about, often related to their age and the stage they are. Kids usually worry about school, fitting in with their friends, or having a sense of belongingness, peer pressure, sports, or being left out. When these things pile up, they can get stressed, frustrated, and worried. 

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Know what is on their mind

Casually talk to them. Ask the children how their day went, and listen to their stories. Make sure that you ask about what they feel about what happened to their day. If they refuse to talk, don't push them. It will only make matters worse. 

If you notice that your child seemed worried about something, ask them about it. Knowing how to help kids handle worry means knowing what they are concerned about, to begin. Gently urge them to put their concerns into words by asking details about it and listening. 

Aside from knowing what's bothering them, the key to learning how to help kids handle worry is by having someone to be there to listen to their fears, in this case, you. 

Easy Guide for Parents on How to Help Kids Handle Worry
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Easy Guide for Parents on How to Help Kids Handle Worry

Change unhelpful thoughts

If you already know what makes your child worry, now is the time to change unhelpful thoughts that may have been running on their minds for some time. 

For example, when your child is worried about a test, they may tell themselves that their best is not good enough and that they have to be the best. 

When this happens, you need to understand that such thoughts are only making them more worried and anxious. Replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones is one thing to do on how to help kids handle worry

Set up a worry dump time

A worry dump time is when children dump and say all their worries about their whole day. That can help urge them to set aside their fears during the day and then leave all their concerns later when they get home, where you will be there to listen to them patiently. 

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Looking at the big picture

Teach your kids to look at the big picture. Help them realize that some problems and concerns will fade away in no time and that there will be better days. Also, it will help to remind your kids that whatever happens, things will be okay. So, when your kid is worried about whether she'll get into the soccer team, tell her that she can get in, and even if that is not the case, there is still next time, and she'll have other opportunities. Acknowledge the importance of this to her, and let her know that whatever happens, you are proud that she tried out and gave her best.

Be a good role model

Children learn more by observing and watching rather than just lecturing. You can know how to help kids handle worry by showing them the things you do to manage your fears, stress, and frustrations. So, be a good role model for your children and handle your worries the best and right way you can and guide your children towards their own. 

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