Katy Perry Posts Throwback Photo; Fans Thought It Was Orlando Bloom and Their Newborn Baby

Katy Perry recently posted a throwback photo on Instagram. She used the photo to announce that her 2020 American Music Awards performance was dedicated to her father. However, fans thought it was Orlando Bloom and their newborn baby.

Not only did the netizens get confused. Even the singer's fiancé commented on the photo, saying, "It me."

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The throwback photo

The photo was baby Katy Perry smiling fondly at the camera as her father plants a kiss on her cheek.

The throwback photo was posted on the singer's Instagram account, where it got more than 1.3 million likes.

Some of the singer's fans thought that the photo showed her newborn baby, Daisy, and her father, Orlando Bloom.

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The netizens' reactions

When Katy Perry posted the throwback photo on Instagram, most of her followers shared their thoughts about Daisy and Orlando's photo. Some of the comments of her fans who thought the baby in the photo was her baby are: "Your baby girl is already big! She's a doll!" "Omg your daughter looks so beautiful god bless ha."

Katy Perry Posts Throwback Photo; Fans Thought It Was Orlando Bloom and Their Newborn Baby
(Photo: Screenshot from Instagram) Katy Perry Posts Throwback Photo; Fans Thought It Was Orlando Bloom and Their Newborn Baby

Other Instagram followers of Katy Perry quickly corrected those who thought the baby was Daisy. On the other hand, those who realized that the baby is Katy said, "Lol I thought its was daisy i had a heart attack dont do that agaun lol." Another Instagram user said, "Thought this was daisy." Some fans suggested that Daisy and her father should recreate the cute photo.

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Fans are excited to see Katy's newborn baby

Since the couple, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, have not released any photo of their newborn baby, fans are eager to know how the couple's baby looks. In the singer's Instagram post, some of the fans' comments included, "Just wondering how daisy looks like." Another user said, "I just KNOW Daisy Dove looks like this, and that thought makes me (crying emoji)."

Katy Perry's AMAs performance

Katy's AMAs performance was her first live act since giving birth last August 26. The singer sang a duet with Darius Rucker. She performed the song "Only Love" live for the first time. The collaboration was announced earlier by Perry and Rucker on their social media accounts.

Perry referred to herself as Katheryn in her posts. 

Some netizens noticed that Perry was wearing an outfit which was far different from what she was used to wearing - jeans!

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