Ashley Graham Is Trying to Help New Moms

Ashley Graham is a voice for body positivity. She uses her popularity to raise awareness that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and we must learn to love our bodies.

The American plus-size model welcomed the year with the birth of her son, Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin. But even as a busy new mom, she does not stop her efforts on body positivity.

The first-time mom recently shared a quick photo revealing her postpartum body-loose skin, stretch marks, and all on Instagram. While the common reaction is to hide or even feel disgusted towards these post-pregnancy flaws, Graham embraces her new body and encourages others to do the same.

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Ashley Graham Body Now: Nothing to feel shame for

In a bold move, the 33-year-old took a close-up video of her post-pregnancy tummy, Insider reported. The stretch marks and loose skin were even more visible in natural light. It was clear that Graham has no plans of hiding or becoming embarrassed about her new body.

Graham also managed to form a heart around her tummy. This move shows love and acceptance, which has motivated many of her mom-followers to accept their new bodies finally.

Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Today, 'bouncing back' after pregnancy is causing overwhelming pressure among new moms. In a recent survey, 61 percent of moms feel the need to return to their pre-pregnancy weight before their first birthday, Baby Center reported. Graham sends a touching reminder to embrace this change. She empowers mothers to feel confident in their own skin so their children will also feel confident about their bodies. Previously she posted words of affirmation saying, "Every day, I try to embrace my new body."

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Children Affected by Mom's Outlook on Her Body

A woman's body changes the moment she becomes pregnant and after giving birth. While there are moms who seem to regain their glorious pre-pregnancy body as if they have never given birth, the reality is most moms will have to see their bodies go through these changes.

But it is not just moms who witness these changes, but children as well. Studies show that children tend to feel dissatisfied with how they look when their mom thinks negatively about her own body, Common Sense Media reported.

Moms Go Candid About Their Postpartum Bodies

Meanwhile, an Instagram page has made rounds over the internet. 'takebackpostpartum' is filled with real, unphotoshopped photos of women post-pregnancy. It is a move to normalize postpartum bodies without feeling the need to feel bad about it.

"It is my forever changed body," recounts a New York mom, Sun reported. Another mom said all her efforts at diet and exercise fell beneath her expectations until she had that a-ha moment: "There is no before and after, or to say my body is a work in progress. This is my body now."

Dietitian and author Lyndi Cohen encourages moms to lower the expectations of their postpartum bodies. "It is a conscious effort not to hate your body," the nutritionist said, on Body and Soul. She added that moms need cheerleaders who will make moms feel comfortable in their bodies.

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