[VIRAL] TikTok Mom Reveals Hack on How to Change Double Duvet Covers Easily

TikTok mom reveals a hack on how to change double duvet covers easily. The viral TikTok video shows how to change duvet covers by merely rolling it. The hack can be done in a few seconds, which made many netizens in awe of the TikTok mom's trick.

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Changing duvet covers

For most moms, changing duvet covers can be quite challenging, especially if it is a double bed. The task seems to be relatively more painless when someone else is there to help.

TikTok mom reveals hack.

The TikTok mom, Sophie Liard, is a British mom. She shared on TikTok the hack on how to change double duvet covers. The video has already gained thousands of views and reactions online.

Liard has now been dubbed as The Folding Lady.

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How to change double duvet covers?

According to the British mom's video, the first thing to do is lay the duvet on top of a clean cover.

After this, Liard showed that the corners should stay together as she rolls the duvet down. The final shape of the duvet should resemble that of a sausage.

The next step that The Folding Lady does is she tucks the duvet's corners in each side, flips it, and unrolls the "sausage duvet."

Surprisingly, the duvet ends up inside the cover. It all looks so easy in the video that Liard poted on TikTok.

The viral TikTok video

Aside from the TikTok mom's hack, the video is also filled with cuteness as the son of The Folding Lady applauds her mom after doing the trick.

Liard also said, "Wait for Arthur's cuteness at the end."

   @thefoldinglady Have a great day everyone!!! ##bed ##zxycba ##foldingclothes ##hack ##viral  ♬ Good Morning - Mak Sauce     

True enough, the little boy applauded his mom's hack while on the bed with the newly-changed duvet covers.

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Netizens' reactions

Since changing duvet covers in a double bed is challenging, a lot of netizens thought that the British mom's hack was a genius, "That looks so easy compared to how [I] do it, it's like fighting a tiger and feeling exhausted after."

One netizen even said that the trick was life-changing, "That looks life-chgoing tog. Hate the duvet change. I'm impressed. I'm gonna try it."

Other netizens shared how stunned they are by this discovery. One netizen even said that she thinks she has been doing it all wrong for thirty years.

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