Hershey's Released New Christmas Ad After Three Decades, Highlights Dad and Daughter Love

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Hershey's released a new Christmas ad after three decades. The new ad highlights dad and daughter love.

After exactly 31 years, Hershey's has made some changes to its classic Christmas ad. Hershey's is known for its Christmas ad that highlights family traditions, warm feelings of comfort and joy, and heartwarming ads. But this year, the candy giant Hershey's, revamped their Christmas ad for the first time.

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Hershey's new Christmas ad starts on a familiar note where the little Hershey's kisses take the screen with their Christmas tree shape formation and sound out the first few notes of their usual tune. But this time, before they get even halfway through the said tune, a little hand reaches in from offscreen and plucks one of Hershey's kisses away. Then, the scene cuts to a lovely family making Christmas cookies.

Changes in the new Christmas ad

Viewers are now seeing a dad and daughter love to make Christmas cookies with bright smiles on their faces. For this Christmas ad, Hershey's wants to highlight the dad and daughter love, far from the usual picture that viewers see on screen.

On a statement made by Hershey's, they chose to make a slight update to their original that kept the opening holiday tunes and added another holiday tradition, which is baking that melds together these two time-honored traditions. The company said that from playing the bells to baking peanut butter blossoms, Hershey's Kisses had stood the test of time.

Viewers' think it is a bad idea.

Although Hershey's wants to highlight such dad and daughter love in their Christmas ad, viewers are not pleased with their new output.

In a comment under the YouTube version of the new Hershey's Christmas ad, a viewer said they took something tremendous and crapped all over it. The comment even questioned why Hershey's couldn't keep the original and instead just made a new ad.

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Another viewer replied how Hershey's new Christmas ad is the perfect representation of 200 wholly ruined.

Since this is the time of digital media and the internet, various posts were made.

People continued to act as if Hershey's had stomped all over their beloved Christmas traditions by merely making a new and updated version of their original one. People are more focused on what the ad is, overlooking that Hershey's just made a new Christmas ad after three long decades.

Hershey's reaction

On the other hand, Hershey's said that they did not need to worry for those who love the original version since it has not gone away forever.

They said that their hope this season is that their new version harkens back memories of the original Kisses bells tune and brings the genuine feeling of heartwarming to live with pictures of Christmas baking where a dad and daughter love can be seen and felt.

Watch Hershey's new Christmas advertisement here.

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