Mom Who Survived COVID Coma and Gave Birth Prematurely, Discharged from the Hospital

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A mother survives COVID coma and premature birth of baby, discharged from hospital.

In a video in the article by, the COVID coma survivor mother who gave birth to a newborn baby was given a round of applause by the medical staff.

The COVID survivor

Eva Ahmed, 28, the COVID coma survivor and mother, has no other health problems before having the said virus. She said that she noticed the virus symptoms 28 weeks into her pregnancy.

She said that her lungs began to give up, and she was put into an induced coma. She was also vented up, without knowing if she would walk out of the hospital or come out in a black body bag.

Eva even mentioned that her case came to a point where it touched and went because she was not responding.

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The hallucinations

Based on her stories, the COVID coma survivor seemed only to remember her hallucinations where she thought that the doctors were evil and that all of them were trying to kill her. However, the truth is that she knows that those doctors actually saved her life and helped her so much.

Mom gave birth

Aside from being a COVID coma survivor, Eva also gave birth to a premature baby. The doctors tried to show her the pictures of her newborn baby as a way for them to bond. But Eva chose not to, as she did not want to see them.

She said that the doctors might think that she does not want to see her newborn baby, but it is not entirely the case. Eva said that she felt like they were rubbing it into her face, the fact that she couldn't touch nor see her newborn baby.

The COVID coma survivor mother said she is assured that the doctors would look after her newborn baby. She added that, in the meantime, she needed to recover more to be able to look after her newborn baby herself.

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Tha baby's condition

While Eva stayed in Walsall Manor Hospital, her baby, Aiyla, was rushed into intensive care.

Aiyla only weighs 2lb 2oz, having been born 12 weeks early and via a C-section.

On the other hand, Eva began to come around, and she can now breathe for herself after five days. She was then moved to an isolated room on the labor ward and was given a COVID test, which showed that she was no longer contagious.

When Aiyla was ten days old, the family was finally able to see her.

The COVID coma survivor mother said that she was cautious during her pregnancy and was anxious that she had put her baby at risk of the virus. The doctors assured her that it is not her fault since no one can get the virus on purpose.

Right now, Eva is so grateful that she and her daughter survived their ordeal. She said that people should keep their loved ones as close as possible because life is short, and not all people may get a second chance in life like her.

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