Couple Reporters Mourn After Baby Dies on Christmas Eve Due to Extremely Rare Condition

Photo: (Photo : Twitter/Andrew Kaczynski)

A husband and wife reporters mourn after their nine-month-old baby dies on Christmas Eve. The baby spent months fighting for her life due to cancer.

"CNN" reporter Andrew Kaczynski tweeted the sad news to share their grief. He wrote that they are heartbroken after their daughter, Francesca, died that night. He explained that they are grateful to have their baby and that there would always be a bean-sized hole in their hearts for their daughter.

An extremely rare condition

Kaczynski shared about their baby's extremely rare condition in September. He shared that their little one has a very aggressive rhabdoid brain tumor. Months after that first announcement, the reporter had been sharing updates on his social media account.

The heartbroken dad shared about their daughter's brain surgery. He also shared her condition in recent weeks. He said that due to a complication with Francesca's chemotherapy, she had a fungal infection.

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Because of that, the nine-month-old had to be put on a life support and a ventilator. Kaczynski tweeted on Christmas Eve, asking his followers for prayers. He also asked for "hope for a Christmas miracle."

Asked for prayers for their baby girl

He also wrote asking for everyone to pray for their baby. The "CNN" reporter wrote that they asked to include Francesca in people's thoughts and if they could, spare a prayer for her.

Published on Friday, the reporter dad wrote how much they appreciate their late daughter in an obituary. He reminisced about the short life of their bold, outgoing, and curious baby girl. He shared that their little one loved taking long walks around Boston and New York City.

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He described her baby in an obituary page

He also wrote that the "Sesame Street" fan loved playing with toys and balloons. He also said that the nine-month-old loved petting her cat, Ryland, and loved attending speech therapy.

According to the obituary, Francesca's many smiles have thrilled the world. It also wrote that the little girl was so generous with smiles even though she had to face challenges that scare even adults.

Apart from that, although the smiles were covered by masks, she keeps giving them to everyone around. The obituary also wrote that the baby did not let her cancer diagnosis or hearing loss affect the way she faced life.

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A love they never knew before

Kaczynski also wrote that their late daughter had shown her parents the kind of love they never knew before. It is the reason why they would never forget what she had shown them.

Kaczynski and his wife, Rachel Louise Ensign, reporter of "Wall Street Journal," were grateful beyond measure to the support and kindness of their fans. The couple asks that followers would donate to Team Beans in the PMC Winter Cycle in honor of their daughter. The organization donates all the money it receives directly to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

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