Lea Michele Celebrates Holidays by Giving Back to Community After Becoming a Mom

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Lea Michele celebrates the holiday differently now that she has become a mom. She has decided to give back to the community instead of the usual gift-giving to friends and family.

Helping a few organizations over the holidays

The former Glee star shared an Instagram photo then added a caption that shared what they did on Christmas. She said that they decided to help a few organizations by giving back to help children.

The Scream Queens actress said that the greatest blessing she could have in the world was becoming a mother. She noted that every baby should be taken cared of and be safe given the incredibly challenging year for everyone. She finished off her post by sending their love and prayers with everyone for the holidays.

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Has been helping organizations over the years

In 2019, Michele and Zandy Reich tied the knot, and they welcomed their baby boy Ever early this year. For years, the 34-year-old mom has been supporting different charities, such as "Feeding America," "Step Up," and "Broadway Cares/equity Fights AIDS."

In 2017, she sold a pin she designed on eBay to raise money to help raise money for "Feeding America." According to InStyle then, Michele said that using money for a good cause is a great way to use money during the festive season.

Michele also shared a photo of her four-month-old son on Instagram this week. In it, Ever was stretched out on a calendar blanket showing the month-milestone her baby has reached.

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The year 2020 was more complicated for the star other than due to the pandemic. On June 3, Michele shared a post about her insights about the things she has learned over the weeks. She said that people need to take time to listen and learn about other people's point of view.

The star shared a tweet to show her support to neighbors, friends, and communities of color during the pandemic. She noted that the response she has received has made her focus on her behavior to fellow cast members.

Michele received accusations of making a popular Fox series co-star's life "a living hell." She apologized for the behavior she showed and addressed the allegations.

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She said during that time that she needs to work hard to make herself a better person because she was a couple of months into becoming a mother. She wanted to become a real role model for her child so she wanted to take responsibility for her actions.

Michele also said that she wanted her child to learn from her so she wants to pass along the lessons and mistakes she had. Finally, she said that because she is very sorry for the experience she had, she will be better in the future.

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