Chrissy Teigen Heartbroken She Would Never Get Pregnant Again

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Chrissy Teigen is heartbroken that she could never be pregnant again. She tries to be positive despite losing her unborn baby boy "Jack."

In September, the then 20-weeks pregnant shared that she and her husband, John Legend, lost their baby boy. On Wednesday, she shared a photo on Instagram to show her body. She took her photo in front of the mirror and added the caption that says it is her and her body yesterday.

Her body bump frustrates her

The mom-of-two explained that it is the image she sees everytime she looks at the mirror. She said that even though she is not pregnant anymore, she does not understand why she still has the bump that has been frustrating her.

However, she also said that the entire journey has made her feel proud because of where it took his body and mind in many ways.

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Tries to be positive

Although the 35-year-old is devastated by her pregnancy loss, she is trying to be happy by looking at the silver lining. She tries to remember all the positives in her life. She wrote that she loves being pregnant and is sad that she will never be again. But she followed through by saying that she is lucky for having her two children, Luna, 4, and Miles, 2. She shared that the two amazing little ones are now becoming big little people every day. She ended by sending her love to everyone.

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Wants to be reminded of her baby Jack

The former model shared on Halloween that she had gotten a tattoo with "Jack" written on her wrist. She frequently shared posts on her social media account late last month. She has opened up about what she had been enduring after her loss. On her Twitter account, Teigen wrote that she is in a grief depression hole so she is not tweeting so much. However, she told her fans not to worry too much about her as she gets so much help around her.

She explained that she would be fixed soon. Teigen wrote that people could swing by and grab her when she is better and ready for pick up.

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Able to shower again after about two months

Legend's wife revealed that she was able to shower again late last month. She posted an Instagram story video and said that she had just had her first shower after about two months. She explained that she could not physically stand in the shower so she has been taking baths.

Teigen appreciates people who have been wishing her and her husband well. In late October, she wrote an essay for Medium that said their floors have been covered in flowers of kindness. She also said that social media messages from strangers have filled up their days and have brought tears in their eyes.

Over the last few months, Legend has stayed by Teigen's side. In October, he even dedicated a song entitled "Never Break" at the Billboard Music Awards for his wife.

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