Harry Potter Lavender Brown's Baby Tests Positive for COVID-19

Photo: (Photo : Instagram/jessiecave)

"Harry Potter" Lavender Brown's baby has COVID-19. Jessie Cave shared an Instagram post on Tuesday saying that her poor son has contracted the deadly virus.

Cave shared a photo of her and her baby on her Instagram, announcing her son's condition. She shared that she isolated herself with her baby boy for about 11 weeks after returning home from the hospital.

Jessie Cave's son stayed in the hospital room with her

The actress watched the lockdown announcement of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday night. She wrote alongside her son's photo in a hospital bed that she watched the news while being in isolation.

Cave wrote that while her poor baby is COVID positive, he is okay and is doing well. She is thankful that people are both vigilant and cautious. The actress added that people should take extra care in the following weeks because the strain is super contagious and powerful.

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Announcement of the new lockdown protocols

On Monday night, Johnson announced the new lockdown measures that everyone should follow. The infection rates have increased due to the new coronavirus variant. The country is facing its highest recorded levels of infected patients.

A month ago, the UK first detected the new COVID-19 strain. Besides that, other states like California and New York have also found cases caused by the new strain. The US and UK health experts noted that the new strain likely infects more easily than the other viruses.

They also noted that they did not find evidence that it is more deadly than the previous ones. According to "BBC News," scientists are studying whether the new variant could spread more easily in children or not.

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The New and Emerging Respiratory Virus Threats advisory group (Nervtag) of the UK government explained how the variant could affect transmission rate. The group said that if the strain could spread more easily in children, it would make up for "a significant proportion" of the country's transfer.

No evidence whether the new strain is more deadly in children

The "BBC" said that there is no proof yet whether the new strain could greatly affect children's health. No one is sure yet whether Cave's son caught the new strain of the virus; however, she shared that she had a difficult start for 2021.

The "Harry Potter" series actress wrote that what had happened to her family at the start of the year was not what she had wanted. After her traumatic birth, she did not want to go back into the hospital too soon.

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Cave said that she is once again reminded of how she admires doctors and nurses. It makes her even more proud of her brother and father after her experience. She asked her fans to wish the speedy recovery of her baby boy.

On October 22, Cave announced that she gave birth to her baby boy. She wrote that her experience has been very different from her first two births. She was grateful for all the healthcare workers after the terrifying and humbling experience she has had with her third baby.

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