Reddit Post Goes Viral as Woman Wants to Give Her Baby the Worst Name Possible

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A Reddit user named u/nametaw2 created two subreddits on r/namenerds and r/BabyBumps. The person wanted to seek advice from the community. According to the post, the person's pregnant sister was keen on naming her son Adolph.

At first, the Reddit user cautioned the pregnant sister adding that it could make it difficult for the child to get a job in the future, Mirror UK reported. And, of course, the child would be subject to bullying. However, the pregnant woman allegedly wanted her son to learn what it feels like to be in the minority. For job-seeking, for instance, the son could encourage employers to hire from minority backgrounds.

The mom-to-be received a slew of criticisms. Reddit users called her out as being selfish for choosing a problematic name. Some even called the baby-naming child abuse and suggested getting child services involved.

Reddit Post Goes Viral on Twitter

Shortly after the Reddit post went live, Isabel Zaw-Tun, a comedian and illustrator, uploaded a screenshot of the Reddit post on Twitter. The shared screenshot then went viral on Twitter, amassing shock, alarm, and suspicions from Twitter users, Newsweek reported.

Zaw-Tun commented on the post, saying she planned to name her baby Adolph for this reason: "I have reached the pinnacle of wokeness." The topic climbed to the top 20 trending Twitter topics in the U.S.

Reddit posts deleted for trolling

Meanwhile, the Reddit community quickly noticed how the post was "more attention-seeking than revolutionary." Both subreddits have been removed. Reddit does not condone lying or the changing of stories to create made-up tales on the platform.

The moderator of r/namenerds revealed the user as not legitimate. Furthermore, the moderator added that the user is a known ban-evader. The user is said to frequently spin crazy lies for the sole purpose of attention-seeking.

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Can You Name Your Baby Adolf?

Adolph is the English-translated version of the name Adolf. English-speaking countries and Germany uses the name "Adolf." Thus, the German Nazi leader was named Adolf Hitler.

Today, the name Adolf may be tolerated as a historical German name, though register office staff are often said to discourage parents in naming their child Adolf. Many of those named Adolf in Germany were given their names before the end of World War II.

The name Adolf is rarely ever used. Between 2006 and 2013, only 13 children have the name, Adolf. After 2013, the baby name Adolf had a minor comeback with 46 children with this name, Independent reported.

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Other Famous People Named Adolf or Adolph

Adolf is a generally-avoided name as it brings to mind the dictator who was the perpetrator of the Holocaust against the Jewish people. Besides him, there were other famous people named Adolf before World War II. The founder of Adidas was Adolf 'Adi' Dassler. The Marx Brothers' Harpo Marx was born Adolph. But, before the rise of Hilter, Harpo Marx changed his name to Arthur.

In more recent times, a newly re-elected councilor for the Ompundja constituency for the Oshana region made it to international headlines as the "Adolf Hitler of Africa." The Swapo regional councilor is literally named Adolf Hitler Uunona.

The politician said that he did not know why his father named him Adolf Hitler. Further, he said he did not have any choice and could not change his name, Nambian reported.

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