On-Screen Dance Parties: A Way to Keep Students Creative and Engaged During Remote Learning

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Parents are talking about a virtual classroom idea that can keep children still engaged with their classmates during remote learning. Schools are trying to be creative by putting together on-screen dance parties.

Engaging students during the pandemic

The continuous spread of coronavirus is closely coming to a year. Because of this, children are mostly stuck at home and some kids are missing a lot of usual school activities.

However, schools, parents, and teachers are also continuously looking for ways to keep students engaged even during remote learning.

On-screen dance parties are slowly becoming a hit with students.

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On-screen dance party in Washington

A teacher in Washington, D.C., shared that although it is indeed some tough times for all of us, he does not want his students to miss any fun. The teacher named Azel Prather Jr. shared with Yahoo Life how he did the virtual classroom dance sessions, "I play the song that they want to listen to. We do the dances that they want to do. It's their world, I'm just living in it."

Prather even shared on his Instagram account the on-screen dance that he did for his students.


He shared in his post that it is his way of keeping the kids creative and to keep them engaged. He also explained, "After we workout I let my kids get it off with some dance moves."

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On-screen dance parties in California

Another teacher in Elk Grove California also did something nice for her students. Angelica Solorio, a grade five teacher, dressed up and dance in one of her Zoom classes.

This short stunt of Solorio led to weekly costumed dance parties on Zoom of Solorio's students. The teacher shared in an interview with ABC10, "Seeing their smiles and hearing them say I helped them forget their troubles made this become our weekly tradition."

Also in California, but this time in Walnut Creek, teachers are also hosting on-screen dance parties for students.

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Experts recommend breaks during remote learning

Due to the quarantine lockdowns and the continuous threat of the coronavirus, most of the classes are held online, students spend most of the day in front of computers. Because of this, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has recommended exercise breaks.

Although it is not specified, on-screen dance parties are good starts.

When kids are doing schoolwork, they are recommended to at least have 10 minutes of exercise for every twenty minutes of work.

On the other hand, teens can take breaks between subjects.

According to an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Weiss, stretching can be a very big help, "So when they have their lunch break, have them do some counter stretches."

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