Due to the Pandemic: Teachers Are Spending More Time Working to Help Kids Learn

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Due to the pandemic, teachers from all over the country are spending more time working to help kids learn.

Aside from adjusting to online learning, the teachers are considered heroes during the pandemic as well.

According to an article from Parents, teachers continue to sign on after three in the afternoon, just so they can help children learn.

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The extra hours

In the article from Parents, the author shared the experience of her sister who works as a speech therapist. According to the story, the teacher, who works remotely, schedules a separate time for one of her students in online speech therapy. That is because the parents of the child were both working and to make the therapy more efficient, the teacher chose to schedule a separate class for the child when the parents are done with work. The speech therapist in the article said, "I want to make sure that my kids get the services they need to succeed."

Although it has been causing the teacher to punch in more hours of work, she appreciates that the mother of her student is thankful.

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Parents' issues on remote learning

In a recent survey, more than half of working parents, or 54% are feeling guilty because they cannot fully care for the needs of their children. 

Forty-three percent of the surveyed parents also said that they have been feeling guilty for focusing on their kids because this causes them to sacrifice something in their work duties.

Also, some reports say that some parents were forced to leave their jobs so that they can take care of their children due to the pandemic.

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How do schools handle the situation?

In some schools, they have already asked teachers to teach a second shift. This shift begins at six in the evening until eight in the evening.

Through this intervention, students no longer missing classes. In the observation of one of the teachers in the school where the shift schedules were implemented, she noticed a drastic change among students, "I'm seeing most of the kids sitting down, staying seated, their eyes are on the screen, they're doing the work."

Support from parents

It is clear that due to the pandemic, parents, students, and teachers needed to adjust to the "new normal."

However, according to the article from Parents, a big chunk of the aimed success of remote learning should come from parents. Their support can help in keeping their children focused and on track. 

Aside from parents, it is also the job of school administrators to ensure that the set-up for remote learning is flexible and conducive for children. Although it would seem impossible, solutions can be right around the corner so that everything will work fine for e everyone during this trying times.

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