Mom Wants a Divorce After Daughters Found Husband's Pot Stash and Used It

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 A mom wants a divorce after her children found her husband's pot stash and used it. 

A letter was anonymously sent by a mom to an advice website, Dear Abby. The details of the encounter were shared by the mom, who went by the name ANTI-DRUG WIFE AND MOM.

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The husband and wife

According to the letter sent by the Anti-drug wife and mom, she and her husband have been married for almost 19 years.

The couple already has teenage girls.

Within the 19 years of marriage, the couple already went through multiple sessions of for marriage counseling. Most of the time, marriage counseling reap good results. However, the mom noticed that the results were somewhat short-lived.

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The dad drinks and smokes pot

According to the mom, the problems that they encounter as a married couple usually comes from her husband's drinking or smoking pot.

Even though the dad has such vices, the mom shared that he is not abusive. She even said that her husband is a good provider, but likes to get high.

Although this habit was not frequent, the anti-drug mom was never okay with her husband's vices.

Discovering the stash of pot

Recently, the anti-drug mom and wife discovered that her teenage girls got high.

When she asked her children where they got the pot, the mom discovered that her children found her husband's stash of pot.

Because she got mad at what her kids did, the mom is now accused of being a prude, and she is said to have "no fun."

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Mom wants a divorce.

The mom's dilemma when she discovered her teenage daughters' escapade was that she does not know how to reprimand the girls. She said in the letter, "How can I teach my kids this is not OK when their dad's actions say otherwise?"

For the anti-drug mom and wife, she is never in favor of using marijuana even if she is a nurse and it is legal in their state.

The mom wants a divorce because of what happened to the girls. She said that the incident was her final straw. The mom shared, "I told my husband that I'm done and I'm ready for a divorce."

The husband of the mom that wants a divorce thinks that what the mom said was ridiculous.

Although she seemed upset with what happened, the mom is still a bit hesitant when she asked for advice. She asked, "Do I need to lighten up? I think I already know your answer, but I just need to see it to validate my feelings."

On the website, the person who gave the advice said that when the mom wants a divorce because of the incident, it seems to be a bit extreme. She said, "It may take more visits to a marriage and family therapist for you to agree to disagree on this, but it is very important that your daughters be disabused of the idea that what they did was OK."

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