Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to Read More Books

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Motivating your kids to read books is a great way to teach them how to learn new things. It helps them expand their vocabulary and help them ready for school. However, some children are not born to be book-lovers. 

Since most parents want their children to learn to love books, it adds pressure to the young tykes. Author of "Taking Back Childhood," Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Ed.D., said that when kids feel pressured into reading, it could overshadow the joy of the wonderful activity. 

Dr. Carlsson-Paige said that while parents want to enforce reading into their kids' habits, they should keep it light and fun. Here are easy ways on how to make your kids read books

Model it

Columbia University Teachers College Reading and Writing Project in New York City lead senior staff developer, Shanna Schwartz, said that she makes sure to let her kids see her read a book. Besides that, she makes sure to show them how she enjoys reading. 

Listen to audiobooks

Audiobooks are not called "books" for nothing; they count as reading too. A grade-school reading teacher, Elissa Mostransky, said that one great way to experience fluency is by hearing someone read a book confidently. 

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Bring books to life

You could bring your kids to London after you read "Harry Potter" together, or go to New York City after reading "Stuart Little." It will surely excite your kids. 

Add a theme to your nook

Grade-school reading specialist, Christina Droskoski, said that by making your reading area more appealing, you could entice your child into reading more. 

Surround them with books

Syracuse University in New York child development expert Alice Sterling Honig, Ph.D., said that by doing so, you could get your kids hooked with books at an early age. She explained that it would be better to let them bring books everywhere. 

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Read the book and watch the movie together

Read classic books with a movie version, then watch the film together with the family in the evening. A grade-school teacher, Katie Vaccaro, said that it is one great way to motivate any reluctant readers. 

Read aloud

Reading aloud is not only educational but also social, Dr. Carlsson-Paige said. Children learn best when they listen to many stories growing up.

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Read the same books to little kids over 

Kids learn when you read the same books because they would notice the pictures and then learn to turn the pages. They would see that the story is the same always, which helps develop their pre-reading skills. Dr. Carlsson-Paige said that they learn phonemics with rhymes. It makes kids chime in because they know what comes next. 

Make library visits into adventures

You may check-in with the library to have your kids listen to librarians read books. Make sure to get your child a library card, so they own their reading experience, Droskoski said.

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