Robot Pets Can Help with Autism, PTSD, and Even Household Chores

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Robot pets can be of great help during the coronavirus pandemic. People need emotional support due to increase isolation. There are more chores around the house, but no extra hand. But robot pets are on the rise to offer solutions to these pandemic problems. These robot pets debuted at the first fully virtual Consumer Electronics Show.

Robot Pets are Housebroken

Want the love and playfulness of a pet but do not want the cleanup and vet appointments that go with it? Pet lovers have a new option now with the furry robot pet named MOFLIN. It is the brainchild of the Japanese firm Vanguard Industries. The unconventional pet loves to coo, be petted, and nuzzle in your hand. It has sensors and algorithms to learn human interactions and surroundings. This robot pet is not just housebroken; it also has a unique personality.

Robot Pet Dogs and Cats

Tom Stevens' mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and a heartbreaking thing happened — her dog was taken away from her. While healthcare experts understand that seniors with dementia receive a lot of comfort from their pets, they are also aware that they can increasingly become unable to care for their pets.

Stevens, now the founder and CEO of robotics startup Tombot, was inspired to create the Labrador robot pet, CNet. People can continue to reap the benefits of emotional well-being from the robot pet. The Labrador robot pet named Jennie is popular with parents of children with autism and people diagnosed with PTSD.

If you are more into felines, Yukai Engineering designed the feline buddy for you. Petit Qoboo is the companion robot pet for cat lovers. A larger model of the robot cat is already available on Amazon.

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Robot Guard Dog

Scout is the robot pet that fits in the palm of your hand and can act as a guard dog on duty while on its ribbed wheels. It has built-in sensors to avoid obstacles, artificial intelligence to determine whether it is a human or animal within its camera vision, can record up to 2 hours of activity, and send a 13-second message to a mobile phone via the cloud.

For privacy purposes, the surveillance camera feature can be turned off while you are around. It also does not have facial recognition to keep the privacy of its owners.

Samsung Robot Pets

Pets are known for their antics-from flipping the flower pot over to spilling the juice box on the table. But what about robot pets that are designed to serve their pet owners? Now that seems likable.

Samsung is currently creating Bot Handy- an invention that will be able to pour you a glass of juice, load the dishwasher, and pick up after your kids. It will be able to reach shelves, put groceries away, and set the table.

Meanwhile, Samsung already has Bot Chef-your assistant in the kitchen. It can look for, measure, pour, and mix ingredients with its three-fingered hands-on two long arms, Al Jazeera reported.

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