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Formerly Abused Dog

Toddler  24 March '17

Former Abused Shelter Dog Saves Naked Toddler From A Ditch, Authorities Find Another Sibling At 'Unsanitary' Home

A formerly abused shelter dog saved a toddler who was found naked in a ditch.

Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards - Red Carpet

School Age  1 February '17

Kids Closer, More Attached To Pets Than Siblings? New Study Claims Children Might Get More Satisfaction From Animals

Researchers are shedding more light in the relationship of kids with their pets in this new study.

Animal Rescue Centres Feel The Strain After Christmas Pets Are Abandoned

School Age  21 December '16

Tips Before Getting Children A New Pet; From Choosing A Pet Breed To The Paperwork

What is the perfect breed of pet that you could give your child these holidays and the paperwork that you need to accomplish? They are all right here.

First Lady Debuts White House Holiday Decorations

Health  15 December '16

Family Pets: Studies Reveal That Dogs Can Effectively Help Alleviate A Child's Anxiety

Dogs ca effectively ease an anxious child according to recent research.

Lassie Joins Save the Children

Family ♥ Story  6 December '16

How Children React When A Pet Dies

A new study looks at how kids make sense of losing a pet; and it seems they may be wiser than even their parents!

A dog accompanies a child with Autism.

Infant  21 October '16

Superpower Dog Ricochet Helps Kids With Autism, PTSD, Anxiety; Miracle Dog?

A dog named "Ricochet" has been called a "Superpower dog" for the reason that she has been helping children and soldiers recover from Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other disabilities. Ricochet has been doing wonders as people have built a connection with this dog, and in some miraculous way, have gotten over their fears and anxieties even for just a little while.

Mr. T and Bee: A Tale of a boy and His Ducks

Family ♥ Story  2 August '16

[VIDEO] This Little Boy Finds The Perfect Playmate In His BFF -- A Duck!

They've known each other since the boy was nine months old!

Animal Lovers Converge On Pet Fair

Health/Nutrition  26 March '16

Cat Parasites: Your Rage Disorder Could Be Caused By Toxoplasmosis

A cat parasite called toxoplasmosis has been linked to the development of intermittent explosive disorder.

Labrador Dog Forced Onto Diet

Parenting  22 March '16

Effects of Obesity to Dogs and Ways to Treat It

Thirty-four percent of domestic dogs are obese. However, only 30-40 percent of those who own these fat dogs are not aware of it. It is said that obesity of dogs is a human perception problem.

Berlin Animal Clinic Treats Creatures Big And Small

Parenting  17 March '16

Dogs with Autoimmune Disease are Increasing, Says Vets

Autoimmune disease, a condition that has no known cause, is causing deaths to many family pets. Veterinarians say that there are increasing numbers of animals diagnosed with the disease and it is currently untreatable.

Therapy Dogs Soothe Harried Passengers At San Francisco Int'l Airport

Parenting  15 March '16

Airport Canines are now being used as Therapy Dogs to Comfort the Travelers

Canines in airports today are not just there to do sniffing jobs. They are now being used to calm nervous passengers or ease stress. They are now airport passenger’s best friend.

Asian International Dog Show

Parenting  13 March '16

Caught on Camera: Woman Shamelessly Stole A $1,000 Puppy, Police Searching For Suspect

A young woman was caught on camera for stealing a $1,000 puppy from a pet shop by putting the puppy inside her bag and simply walked out.

Crufts Prepare For The Start Of Annual Competition

Parenting  13 March '16

How To Potty Train Dogs: 4 Quick Steps in Potty Training Dogs

Potty training a dog is just a matter of routine. Four quick steps for potty training dogs are lead, reward, observe, and not punish them.

Worried Pet Owners React To Massive Pet Food Recall

Parenting  11 March '16

Dogs’ Erroneous Eating Costs Millions in Veterinary Bills, Trupanion Says

Dogs have eating patterns that they inherited from their ancestral relatives. They dislike bitter tastes, but other than that, everything tastes delicious.

Cone of Shame

Parenting  10 March '16

Pets can now leave the Clinic after a Surgery without Wearing the ‘Cone of Shame’

Pets who have undergone surgery or simple wound treatment would have to wear the “cone of shame” to prevent them from biting and chewing their wounds or stitches.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott Holds Bill Signing In Miami Gardens

Fun & Games  9 March '16

Dogs May Be Put to Death After Inflicting Injury as Gov. Rick Scott Signed Padi Bill

Padi Bill, a law that will allow dogs to be put to death for causing injuries to humans was signed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott. The bill was inspired by Padi, a Manatee dog who became the subject of a bite controversy.

Border Force Dogs In Operation At Gatwick Airport

Parenting  9 March '16

Ways on how Dog Owners Take Action on Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a tough yet helpful kind of chore that comes every year, especially to dog owners.

Household Pets Become Latest Victims Of Foreclosure Crisis

Parenting  8 March '16

Mauled by 4 Dogs, 92-Year-Old Gladys Anderson’s Condition Turned Worse

The 92-year-old grandma, Gladys Anderson was mauled by her neighbor's four dogs. Authorities suggest it not as a crime but as a tragedy.

Victory Kiss

Parenting  8 March '16

Easy Steps to Ensure Pets and New Babies to Get Along

One of the happiest moments in life is bringing home the family’s new baby. While it can give stressful time to parents, pets, too, can get stressed if they were not properly introduced to each other.

Guantanamo Naval Base Endures As U.S. Military Bastion On Communist Cuba

Parenting  7 March '16

Neglected Dogs Caused the Suspension of a Mail-Delivery Service and Seriously Injured a Man

Dogs are men’s best friends and one of the most loyal pets that humans can have. However, once neglected, these dogs may be harmful to humans once they became strayed and hungry.

China Daily Life - Pollution

Parenting  4 March '16

3 Coolest Gizmos and Gadgets Perfect for Your Pets

Techie stuff are not just for humans alone, some are designed for your furballs too. Check this out!

Harmful food for dogs

Parenting  2 March '16

7 Harmless Human Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

There are several human foods which are dangerous for your dog's consumption that may lead to several health ailments and even death.

Pre-Carnival Costumed-Animal Parade Held In Rio

Parenting  2 March '16

Consider These Things before Adopting a New Family Dog

Having a four-legged, furry family member is the best way to ease stress after a long day of work. Imagine a dog wagging its tail waiting at the door to happily greet its master.

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