Viral Video: Father and Daughter Duo Dancing Together

Photo: (Photo : Screenshot from Instagram)

A father and daughter duo dancing together is now the subject of a viral video circulating online.

The father and daughter duo was dancing to a popular Indian song, Lollipop Lagelu.

The dancing dad, Ricky Pond, was joined by his daughter, Audrey.

Netizens loved the father and daughter duo's dance number.

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The dancing dad

Before this recent viral video blew up online, the dancing dad, Ricky, has been the talk of the town when he created a video of him dancing to the hit Indian song Ghungroo.

The dancing dad's previous viral videos were also shared by famous artists in India like Riteish Deshmukh.

A lot of the videos uploaded on his Instagram account have thousands of likes and even comments.

Ricky has been posting a lot of videos where he shows off his dance moves.


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The recent viral video

Just recently, the dancing dad was joined by his daughter in another video. This time, it was the father and daughter duo dancing together.

Ricky is seen confidently dancing to the song, Lollipop Lagelu. His steps were on-point and the father and daughter duo dancing together was very energetic.

While dancing, Ricky's daughter, Audrey, is also seen lip-syncing the song. The video was posted on Instagram by the dancing dad, and he even tagged the singer of the song, Singh Pawan.

In the caption of the viral video, Ricky even encouraged his followers to send their requests to another account.

The video has more than 24,000 likes and has been viewed almost 300,000 times.

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Netizens' reactions

Even though this is not the first time that the dancing dad posted a video, the netizens were still surprised and amazed by the talent of the father and daughter duo. Clearly, everyone who saw the videos are enjoying the videos uploaded by Ricky and his kids.

Some netizens said that the viral video is one of the best that they have seen recently, "(The) best video on the internet today and their moves (are) amazing."

One netizen shared that the videos of the father and daughter duo are something that makes them smile, "Your videos are one (of) the reasons that make me smile every day. Lots of love from India." Another netizen shares the same sentiments, "I am such a f(a)n!!! Your videos cheer me up on my saddest day. Thanks a ton!"

Other netizens commended the father and daughter duo's dance moves saying, "Amazing! Great moves." and "Those moves are good."

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