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Dad Steps Onto The Stage To Help Daughter With Her Stage Fright During Ballet Recital

Dads  11 June '18

Dad Steps Onto The Stage To Help Daughter With Her Stage Fright During Ballet Recital

Marc Daniels is now being dubbed as the 'Daderina' of Bermuda after he danced with her daughter during her ballet recital. He said it was his instinct that prompted him to join her daughter to comfort her.

This Mom's Cheesecake Rant Has Gone Viral, And It's Easy To Understand Why

Moms  6 June '18

This Mom's Cheesecake Rant Has Gone Viral, And It's Easy To Understand Why

Kim Copeland, a baker from Pittsburg, Texas, complained about a customer who danced around on her cheesecake order. The busy mom ranted on video and the clip has now gone viral on Twitter.

Delta Airline Flight

Parenting  5 May '17

Delta Airline Official Removes Family From Flight Over Refusal To Give Up Toddler's Paid Seat

Another story about a mishap with an airline made rounds online as a California family, who was travelling with two toddlers during that time, was kicked out from the flight due to refusal to give up a seat.

President Donald Trump

School  17 February '17

Orange Coast College Professor Rants About Donald Trump's Presidential Win, Calls It Act Of Terrorism; Student Who Filmed Criticism Suspended

Caleb O'Neil was suspended for taking a video of Olga Perez Stable Cox, the professor who criticized the president.

Jimmy Spagnolo

School Age  10 February '17

What To Do At The End Of Chemotherapy? Celebrate By Dancing Like What This Six-Year-Old Kid Did

A boy's video celebrating the end of his chemotherapy by dancing made rounds online.

Conjoined twins

Infant  12 January '17

Conjoined Twins With One Body And Two Heads Die Days After Being Born In Mexico

A video showing conjoined twins born in Mexico made rounds online last week but new reports say that they have recently passed away.

Florida Officials Hold Exotic Pet Amnesty Opportunity

Behavior  20 December '16

Teen's Weird Reaction To Exotic Animals Result To A Birth Of A Meme

If you ever wonder how a meme is born, this teenager's facial expression would explain it.

Bucket of water

Infant  20 June '16

Mother Realizes Baby in Viral Video Is Her Daughter, Fires Babysitter After Child Was Doused with Gallons of Water

An Indiana woman decided to fire the babysitter of her daughter after a video showing her baby being doused with gallons of water at a park went viral.

London Protest Against The Kidnapping Of More Than 200 Nigerian Girls

Teens/Young Adults  9 June '16

Rare Sighting: Florida Mom And Kidnapper Play Tug Of War, Pulling 13-Year Old Daughter From Arms To Feet [WATCH]

Identified suspect, Craig Bonello is facing child abuse and kidnapping charges after attempting to abduct 13-year old girl at Dollar General Store in Citrus County. The incident was caught on video that showed how the girl's mother saved her daughter's life.

Protesters Stage Nationwide Marches In Wake Of Recent Grand Jury Decisions

School  2 June '16

St. Paul Central Students Rallied To Protest Against Black Teen Arrest Caught On Video

Around a hundred students and parents marched to the City Hall and demanded Mayor Coleman to impose changes following teen's arrest on school campus.

My 2 year old son falls in love with Snow White at Walt Disney World - Autism and Disney

Family ♥ Story  17 May '16

Snow White Has A New Prince Charming? Autistic 2-Year-Old Boy Experiences Enchanting Fairytale Encounter With A Classic Disney Princess [VIDEO]

Amanda Coley, the mom of an autistic toddler from North Carolina, can’t stop herself from sharing her son’s emotional encounter with Snow White during a trip to Disney World in Florida on social media.

Barack Obama

News  25 February '16

Barack Obama Responds to the Little Girl's Crying Video Because He Won't be Her President Forever

Barack Obama does know how to make things better for the little girl.


News  10 February '16

An 8-Year-Old Girl Fighting Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), A Rare Brain Cancer, Garnered Support From People Across The Country

Many people across the nation have given their support to an 8-year-old girl from Kansas who are battling against a rare brain cancer.

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