Couple Celebrates 73rd Anniversary by Getting COVID Vaccine

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A couple celebrates their 73rd anniversary by getting the COVID vaccine during a drive-up event. They want to return to their normal lives very soon so they could "square dance" again.

Phase 1B plan allows people aged 65 and up to get vaccinated

Noel "Gene" Record and Virginia Berryman Record had their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine during a University of Cincinnati Health drive-up event on Tuesday. The NBC affiliate WLWT reported that the couple of 73 years were among the first patients to get vaccinated under the state's Phase 1B plan.

The state's Phase 1B plan allows people over the age of 65 to get the COVID vaccine. During a video released by the Ohio-based hospital, Noel explained why they got vaccinated immediately.

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Want to get back to their normal lives

He said that they want to get back to normal as soon as possible. He said that as a square dance caller, he has not got together since March. The 93-year-old said that they are looking forward to getting the people to have the COVID vaccine so life could become normal again. He added that they would square dance and have fun again once it happens.

According to the "New York Times" database, there have been over 24.3 million COVID-19 cases in the US as of Wednesday afternoon. It also showed that 403,929 have died due to the deadly virus.

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Need two doses of the COVID vaccine

Both vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna require two-doses for them to be fully effective. Recipients who receive Pfizer would have to go back after three weeks for their second dose, while those who had Moderna should return after four weeks.

People who had the COVID vaccines should wait for about two weeks to reach their peak effectiveness. According to WLWT, Noel and Virginia have to go back to the University of Cincinnati Health to receive their final dose early next month.

Excited about what the second dose would mean, Virginia said she is excited to go back to their normal life in a hospital video.

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Still need to wear face masks and social distance after getting the coronavirus vaccine

Health professionals recommend that people still wear face masks and follow social distancing even after getting vaccinated. Earlier this month, Laurel Bristow, an infectious disease clinical researcher, explained about the vaccine.

She said that they are still not sure whether the COVID vaccine could stop the spread of the deadly disease or if it just stops the infected people from getting COVID symptoms. She said that it is something that they are looking into now.

Bristow said that they wanted to let the people know that after getting the vaccine, they could still get asymptomatic COVID and transmit them to others.

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