Mom Compiles Videos of Children's Milestones After Learning She was Terminally Ill

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A mom created videos of her children's milestones before she died. She made sure to record every bit of memory with her kids with a greeting and gave them some personal advice.

Kailey Weiss shared that her mom, Karen Richardson, did not give up even though she got diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. She told TODAY Parents that her mom did not live in fear of death and was never sorry for losing her life.

Love for Jesus

The second of three children recounted her mom's final days in a viral post from Humans of New York. She said that her mom kept a photo album beside her bed but kept notecards with Bible verses instead of photos.


Weiss said that her mom thought she loved Jesus her entire life. However, that love grew even more after getting ill. The daughter said that she never saw her mom get depressed even once and that even though there were sad moments, those were peaceful moments.

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Her children's milestones

But what left HONY fans reeling is what Richardson had done for her children. The videos she had left for her three children included the big moments in their lives. Weiss said that her mom recorded a few minutes of her children's milestones like their graduation, their 21st birthday, their wedding, and a clip when they had their first child.

She said that her mom opens each video with a greeting then congratulates her kids on the specific milestone they have reached. Richardson would be sad that she was not there to celebrate the event with her kids, then she would give some personal advice for her kids.

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Coping with loss

According to Weiss, the recordings have helped her cope with her loss. She explained that it was hard to know that her mom would not be there for her pivotal years as she grew up.

She said that her mom was a wise woman and that she needed her wisdom. Weiss said that it comforted her, knowing that her mom left some wisdom for them for those milestones in their lives.

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Her children's future

Richardson planned the pre-recorded videos so her kids could cope with her absence. Weiss said that her mom was always very open about preparing them for their future. Aside from the heartwarming compilation of the videos of her children's milestones, she also put together a cookbook that included their family recipes.

Apart from that, her mom also included books that she appreciated, family heirlooms, and gifts for her future grandkids. She also included her rings, which was where Weiss's wedding ring was made out of.

Weiss has been blown away by their mom's service to them. She learned that it is easy to be selfish and hard to sacrifice for children as a mom herself. She explained that even though her mom was sick and in pain, she set herself aside to prepare for her children's future through the videos. Weiss could never thank her mom enough for what she had done for them.

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