TikTok User Says Ancestry DNA Results Revealed She Is Not Her Dad's Daughter; Claims Her Biological Father Is a Billionaire

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A TikTok user says ancestry DNA results revealed she is not her dad's daughter. She claims her biological father is a billionaire.

The now-viral videos have the details on how the TikTok user discovered the identity of her biological father.

What started as a Christmas gift

TikTok user @fretlessfeline, Cat McDonald, reacted to another video that asked whether there are people who accidentally uncovered a family secret through an Ancestry DNA test.

McDonald shared how her discovery started with a Christmas gift from her dad!

Last Christmas, her dad gave everyone in the family ancestry DNA tests as his Christmas gift. However, lo and behold, she did not expect that she will get a life-altering discovery.

What is an ancestry DNA test?

This DNA test is a kit that includes an account wherein you are pointed not only to the country you are from, but also the specific regions.

It is used by some people to trace their roots and in finding their relatives.

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The ancestry DNA results discovery

McDonald's father is Irish. She also grew up believing that she has Irish descent because her surname gives it all away.

However, after McDonald took the test, she learned that she is 75 percent Norwegian and partially German and British.

When she realized this, she immediately called her dad and said, "Guess what, I'm not Irish!"

Her dad phoned her and said, "There's no way you're not Irish."

While they were on the phone, Cat opened her account and checked if she had any paternal match. When she did, there was a match, but it was not the dad that raised him.

This story was the content of the first viral video that McDonald uploaded.

 @fretlessfeline##stitch with @meezersqueezer This is the first time I have said this on the internet and my soul just sighed. ##fyp ##Ancestry ##ancestrydna  ♬ original sound - Cat McDonald 

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The biological father is a billionaire.

Two days after her story blew up, Cat McDonald uploaded part two of her ancestry DNA results discovery. The TikTok user became curious about who her biological father is. That is why she immediately confronted her mom and her aunts about it. However, everyone was shocked about the news, "Everyone including my mom was shookt." Although it came as a shock, the TikTok user's dad said he recognized the name, "Apparently, he was an old family friend." Cat says that she is very grateful for the life that her parents gave her, but she was curious so she Googled the guy's name. "He is a billionaire, and he is a CEO of a major company. And his three daughters work for him."

 @fretlessfeline ##ancestorydna  ##part2 ♬ original sound - Cat McDonald  

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TikTok user wanted to meet her biological father.

After learning about her biological father and a little about him, Cat McDonald drove to the guy's corporate office.

When she arrived, the TikTok user gave her billionaire biological father a letter. However, when the guy learned her name, he refused to meet her.

According to McDonald, the letter was filled with gratefulness about being alive.

Before ending the part two of her video, McDonald said that her followers have all the details about her story. But she added, "But I really want more answers, so help me with part three!"

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