Miracle Baby's Fate in Hands of the Court, Entire Family Wiped Out by COVID-19

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The Russian single mother was so excited to have a baby. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic wiped away the entire family, including the single mom and her aged parents. She is survived by her miracle baby boy. The baby's fate on who will care for him now lies in the hands of the court.

Single Mom Fights for Life of Her Baby

Russian mom Svetlana Sorochinskaya, a dental clinic administrator, suspected she got COVID-19 from her father when she visited him in the hospital when he was recovering from heart surgery. She gave birth to her son six weeks before her expected delivery date, via Caesarian section. The baby was named Kirey in honor of his late grandfather, who also passed away to COVID-19.

The 64-year-old father of Svetlana was admitted to the hospital for heart surgery back in November 2020. He was discharged yet died of COVID-19 eight days after. Pregnant Svetlana then took to social media to open up about her feelings that her father would not see her grandson. "You were the kindest man in the world, daddy. I will love you forever," said Svetlana.

Shortly after her father died, her mother, Vera, also contracted the virus. She became severely ill and wanted to be hospitalized. Still, the shortage of beds at the medical facility left Vera, a pensioner, lying on the floor in the corridor, Larisa Kachkaeva, Svetlana's cousin, revealed. She passed away due to COVID-19 a week after.

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Single Mom Given Cough Powder to Fight COVID-19

Svetlana herself contracted COVID-19 during her pregnancy. She claimed medics gave her cough powder. She initially went to a maternity hospital but was forced to move to an infectious diseases hospital when confirmed COVID-19 positive.

The 36-year-old mother died from COVID-19 after medics delivered her baby via C-section at a hospital in St. Petersburg. Alexander Popeiko, a spokesman for the children's ombudsman in St. Petersburg, revealed that while the baby boy needed treatment in the hospital following his birth, the baby is healthy and has since been placed in an orphanage. The baby is heir to the property of the family in St. Petersburg.

Biological Father of Miracle Baby Shows Up

Svetlana is a divorcee who previously had a miscarriage, a friend revealed. Further, the friend added that Svetlana had been dreaming of having a baby, so she chose a man to father her child with the agreement that he would not be part of the child's life.

But after learning of Svetlana's death, a man shows up claiming to be the child's biological father. He also said that Svetlana desperately wanted a child and chose him to father the baby.

Yet, Svetlana did not disclose information about the father's identity. She did not intend to declare the father's name on the child's birth certificate, 7News reported.

Though the man had a previous agreement with Svetlana, he said he decided to step forward when he learned Svetlana died. He is ready to undergo DNA testing to confirm his paternity. Further, the man told the authorities that he is prepared to raise the baby boy.

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A Distant Relative Wants to Care for the Baby

Svetlana's cousin Larisa Kachkaeva also offered to adopt the baby. She claimed that she knew the child's father worked at the dentist's clinic but that Svetlana previously decided to have a child without having a relationship with the baby's father. Kachkaeva further claimed Svetlana denied the man's claims before her death. "Svetlana said he was not the baby's father," said Kachkaeva, who remains open about the DNA analysis and the decision of the court. 

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