Viral Video: Dad Reads a Book to His Baby in Different Voices

Photo: (Photo : Screenshot from Twitter)

Netizens recently enjoy the viral video of a dad who reads a book to his baby in different voices.

The viral video posted on Twitter by @GoodNewsCorres1 shows the baby enjoying his father's impression of the iconic characters, Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

The video has been liked thousands of times and was shared numerous times on Twitter.

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Dad reads the book in different voices.

In the viral video, the dad was carrying his baby on his lap. While doing so, he was reading a book to him.

The video was concise and ran for only 27 seconds. However, in such a short span, the dad kept his baby amazed by showcasing his talent in speaking using different voices.

The book "On the Ice" consists of characters like Mickey Mouse and Goofy, which the dad mimicked creatively and nonchalantly. The baby was even seen laughing at his father's entertaining act.

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The viral video

As of writing, the video already has 2.8 million views, 2,800 likes, and more than 700 retweets.

Its caption was, "This adorable baby is really impressed with daddy's awesome voices during storytime." While the baby was giggling at the dad, the father continued reading the story about Mickey Mouse and Goofy during a day when they went ice skating.

At the end of the video, both the dad and the baby were laughing at each other.

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The netizens' reactions

Aside from garnering millions of views, netizens also expressed their admiration to the father and baby in the viral video.

One of the netizens shared how much she finds the short video adorable, "Never anything more adorable...EVER! May he grow in love, good health, and happiness... and may he always look at his dad with that same level of joy."

Another netizen observed how the baby is more interested in listening to the voices mimicked by the dad instead of the content of the book, "This is incredibly cute!! Baby is more interested in Daddy than the book (as it should be!)."

A lot of netizens said they could watch the cute video all day because it is full of positivity, "That's the cutest I've seen all day!"

Aside from the dad who reads a book to his baby in different voices, netizens also noticed the two's bond in the video. One Twitter user noted, "What a lucky baby. What a lucky dad. This is everything we need today!"

Some netizens even pointed out that reading to babies can be an entertaining activity for both parents and the kids. That is why some of the parents also encouraged others to do the same.

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