Young Girl Is Finally Home After 9 Months of Hospitalization Due to Coronavirus

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A young girl is finally home after nine months of hospitalization due to coronavirus.

Stella Martin, the four-year-old girl from New Mexico, was given a celebratory send-off by hospital staff when she went home.

Stella tested positive for coronavirus last April. She stayed in the University of New Mexico Hospital since then due to coronavirus and other discovered illness. The young girl spent five months in the Pediatric ICU. In October, she was transferred to the CTH Acute Service.

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The 4-year-old girl had other complications.

The young girl is finally home after nine months of hospitalization due to coronavirus that she might have contracted from her father.

In April 2020, she tested positive for coronavirus. That is also when doctors discovered that Stella had transverse myelitis. It is a condition where the spinal cord becomes inflamed.

According to Stella's mom, Cassandra Yazzie, They said since COVID was an infection, that the good antibodies were attacking her spinal system when fighting off the COVID virus."

Aside from this condition, Stella's lung also collapsed. That caused the young girl to fall into a coma.

While Stella was fighting for her life, the young girl's mom had to keep herself together. Cassandra also had to endure losing her husband's death due to coronavirus and her father's death as well. She said in an interview with Good Morning America, "I had no time to break down, and that's what I did with her and her sister."

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The young girl is finally home after nine months of hospitalization due to coronavirus.

In a short video uploaded by the University of New Mexico Hospital, hospital staff gave Stella a send-off.

While the young girl was in her stroller, staff clapped their hands for the brave battle that the four-year-old girl had to endure.

In the caption, the hospital shared, "After a severe bout with COVID-19, 4-year-old Stella Martin is leaving UNM Hospital."

Some netizens find the video touching, especially after what the young girl had to go through during those nine months in the hospital.

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Family sets up the GoFundMe campaign.

Now that the young girl is finally home after nine months of hospitalization due to coronavirus, the family would like to keep their young girl healthy. They have been asking for donations through a GoFundMe page.

According to the page donations will be used "if anything goes wrong with our ride or anything insurance doesn't cover again."

Stella is staying at home and is happy to sleep through the night.

As of writing, the campaign has already gathered more than 32,000 US dollars.

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