Philadelphia Couple Discovers They Went to the Same Preschool, Thinks They Were Meant to Be

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Philadelphia couple discovers they went to the same preschool. Not only that, but they also found that they were right next to each other in the preschool photo. They now think they were meant to be.

The couple recently tied the knot, and they used the preschool photo for their save the date.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the Philadelphia couple, Zachary Frankel and Alex Olsman shared their love story.

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From preschoolers to going on a blind date

In October 2016, the Philadelphia couple's mutual friend set them up on a blind date. 

Olsman said that her friend asked her, "Well, how do you feel about redheads?"

When she told her friend, "Sure," that's when they were immediately set up.

During the first week of knowing each other, Zachary and Alex realized that their lives have been more intertwined than they thought. They said, "So we quickly put that together and... we knew all of the same people in common."

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Their interconnected lives

After realizing that they have familiar friends and acquaintances, they started to check more. The Philadelphia couple even realized that Alex's high school best friend dated one of Zachary's best friends.

That is when they also discovered they went to the same Montessori preschool in Philadelphia.

However, even after realizing that they went to the same preschool, the couple does not have any memory of meeting each other.

Right next to each other in the preschool photo

While the couple was already forming a healthy relationship, Alex's mom discovered a preschool photo. 

Then the couple learned that they were right next to each other in the preschool photo.

Olsman was right next to a red-headed boy, who turns out to be Frankel.

At first, Alex thought, "Honestly, looking at the photo, Zach looks so different now than he did when he was five that I couldn't 100%."

Then she showed the photo to Zachary and asked, "Wait, was this you? And he was like, 'Yeah, that's me.'"

Alex became emotional upon realizing the kind of connection she had with the person she planned to spend the rest of her life with, Zachary.

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The couple will tie the knot

Last November 2019, Frankel proposed to Olsman at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This place was also memorable to the couple because it turns out that they took the same art classes there when they were younger.

Even with the coronavirus pandemic, the couple decided to tie the knot this coming February in Mexico since that is where Alex's parents are residing now. However, they also plan to have another ceremony in December.

To remember the connection that the Philadelphia couple has, they used their preschool photo for the Saver The Date.

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