Netflix's New Series City of Ghosts Is Unlike the Other Kid Series

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A new children's animated series, City of Ghosts, has been ordered by Netflix from first-time showrunner Elizabeth Ito from Adventure Time, Welcome to My Life movie.

In March, Netflix will drop a new children's series, City of Ghosts, described as a hybrid documentary and animated series in which a group of children will discover stories about their city and interact directly with the ghosts that inhabit there.

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The City of Ghosts documentary-style series featuring animated characters with live-action backgrounds follows Zelda, a Los Angeles kid who, with many new friends, forms The Ghost Club. It has a personal touch of Ito, who seems to share her unique background as a yonsei (a Japanese American 4th generation) living in various ethnic communities around L.A.

Ito, a native of Los Angeles, an Emmy-winning producer and author of the animated series Adventure Time on  Cartoon Network and creator of the short Welcome to My Life Cartoon Network, will executively produce and act as showrunner.

In an interview, Elizabeth said, "I created City of Ghosts for my kids and me to watch together." She added, "My goal was to create a quieter, gentler show that could also teach them about the different people and communities that make Los Angeles special. I also hope kids, especially mine, see themselves represented as the smart, funny, and intuitive people that I see them as."

Ito further said, "I think as you have younger creatives, there tends to be more of an openness to show who they are." She is also an animation veteran and writer.

According to Netflix, learn about the rich history of their city through encounters with friendly neighborhood ghosts. The Ghost Club members help others learn to live in the present by communicating with the spirits of the past in each episode, which is based on and voiced by actual residents from different neighborhoods.

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Other Netflix animated series for children to watch out

Netflix has been hulking about developing its animatronics slate, which consists of its first original animated feature from Sergio Pablo, the Despicable Me-creator,  Klaus, and his The Spa Studios, which is Madrid-based. Klaus is slated to debut at the end of the year.

With Chris Nee, under her overall arrangement with the studio, Netflix Animation is also producing a range of animated series. City of Ghosts joins other original Netflix animated sequels in development at Netflix Animation in Hollywood, including Inside Battle Kitty from Matt Layzell, Job from Shion Takeuchi, Kid Cosmic from Craig McCracken, Matt Layzell's Fighting Kitty, Maya and the Three from Jorge Gutierrez, and Trash Truck from Max Keane.

Netflix endures to lead the industry with animated shows like City of GhostsGlitch Techs, and Soul bringing engaging, varied characters into our homes, which is a terrific thing for kids and kids at heart.

So, watch the trailer for City of Ghosts' first six-episode season and mark your family's March 5 calendars as the show's release.

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